Frislandia merger?

Frislandia isn’t on the list of U.S. East servers to be merged. Our server is all but a ghost town. Why are we being omitted from server merges?

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It is possible all of them will be merging into Frislandia. because on that list it doesn’t say which server all of them are merging into. I am hoping that is the way it is going to work

  • Adlivun, Minda, Loloi, Kay Pacha, Euphrates and Brobdingnag will be merging into Frislandia for Arkadia Theta.

You won’t be a ghost town after this

**The initial announcement didn’t list the servers being merged into.

Could you please post a picture of the Frislandia map, and any information you have on it?

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It’s Purple. Most green and yellow companies transferred around 3 to 4 weeks ago. Since then it has been very quiet server.

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