From 2500 to 200 within 5 hours

Servers are really small, 2500 players. That’s not the main problem though, because if all the 2500 players were online 24/7 the game would feel good! The problem is servers being locked, so when people quit we are left with 1800 active players. In addition, people don’t play at the exact same time. So if you go have a look at server population you can see that at the peak, servers have about 1.8k active players, while at night that drops to about 200-400 players. These 200-400 players might be partially bots, some doing quests, some farming mats, dungeons, 3v3, opr, owpvp, forts, and some are even leveling. That leaves you with maybe 2-10 people that do the same thing as you, which is horrible. How is that a “massively multiplayer online game”? This is one of the reasons you should implement cross-server functions, at least when it comes to instances.

One could argue that it’s because I play during the night and I should just play while peak times. So I cannot play the game and do most of its functions when I want to, that’s what you are telling me? I should be able to do a dungeon, 3v3, OPR or W/E when I want to, if not, it’s a dead game. Why would I want to wait 50 minutes for something that would have taken 2 minutes with cross-server?

I have heard that they are looking into it but since they still won’t fix major flaws with the core game design, I doubt it. They will probably add another 10 quests in 2024 instead.

I always think that lots of issues in games would be solved if I would have been hired. Not because I’m smart or anything, I just know how to listen. I’ll give you an example.

AGS-worker: sees issues and discussion in forum -take notes and answers if already knowing the answer.
AGS-worker- bring issues to AGS
AGS- ok, are these real issues, and if so, how do we fix them?
AGS- Continuously update the on forum which problems they are aware of and how they are supposed to fix them. Fix them quickly.

What actually happen*
AGS-worker sees discussions
AGS-worker bring to AGS
AGS. Hmmm these are some interesting ideas and this taunt thing is actually not working. Also some bugs since last year is not fixed. What should we do??
AGS- Soo, we have added 2h of questing in a new zone. Have fun!
AGS- Surprised when people get mad at them for not fixing core-game problems

It’s that easy. Instead, we are left with high-end gems making weapons useless (taunt gem for tanking). It has been an issue for 30 days. They know it’s an issue, but still, they won’t fix it. Do they need to test it in PTR??? Like, it’s a core flaw of the game, so why not hot-fix? They have not even addressed 80% of the posts being about mages underperforming. They still let bugs from launch exist in the game, such as ice tower not coming off cooldown.

Sure they have mods looking at discussions, but have you seen the generic answers? A lot of the time it’s just a bot answering. And if the actual mods answer, its on posts with minor relevance to the game.

I have seen them listening to community one time, and that’s in regard to potions. Even if you don’t think the community is in the right, at least acknowledge that you have read it and update WHY you want to fix it. E.G “we won’t fix FS/mage because we think it’s very effective in pve/pvp, you are all just playing it wrong”. That would at least make 80% fewer posts for you to read.

I have drifted a lot from what my original post was about. Have a nice day.

What servers are locked? The only ones locked are FS, and that is something we’ve all known. It was said they would stay locked for a while and eventually open. Did you expect a FS world filled with people who quit the game 1 year ago to stick around and keep it at max pop? Transfers will open for them

I will say it again, we need a Mega server/Cross-server, More people to find to do any Content,

Low population at that time? I will be easy to find more if you can add people of another server on your party.

To Many people online in the main World? Open Instance 2.

Im not a DEV, but old Mmo with the same problem solved this problem this way.

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PVE is ass and has limited re-playability, making quality PVP is the one thing they refuse to do and the numbers continue to dwindle. They get a spike w/ every big update that begins to fall off within weeks. 24 hour peak is below 100k again and it was over a weekend.

I will disagree with you there, there are fun PVE contents in the game, what is discouraging is the time to get a group to make the contents, it is very annoying to be leveling GS and not being invited to any group that you apply.

I won’t say that they are perfect, there are many things that could be better, some need to improve drastically, but you can still have fun.

What happens with player loss is not because the content is necessarily bad, it’s because it could be better and AGS takes an absurd amount of time to react and correct or improve. And the “Big Updates” are questionable if they are really big. There games that delivered much bigger expansions and improvements at the same time than what NW has delivered updates. The game literally has to double to come close to the big hit MMOs.

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