From Official: Faction change reset for "everyone" or just merging worlds?

I’m referring to the post by @Kay in the official section.
In this area, with regards to server merges, it was stated that AGS are planning a “one-time rest of the faction change cooldown for everyone”.

My question is: Does this apply actually to “everyone” - ie. to those people who aren’t on merging worlds?
There are quite a few of us who have given our information to the dev team with regards to the faction change cool down bug (see support forum).

I humbly request that this does indeed apply to everyone as it would fix both the issue identified with world mergers, and also would fix the issue many of us have discussed in the support forum.
thank you.

Hello @Oldy I think you might be referring to the change from 120 to 60 days cooldown. It doesn’t exactly relate like that to merging worlds. You can check this link for more information on that Planned List of Worlds Scheduled for Merge - Downtime. Sadly nothing is mentioned about the faction change cooldown being affected as well. Hope you can understand. Also to clarify a bit more. In this link [Notice] Server Merge: US-East, US-West, Australia, Central Europe - #5 by Kay you can also find there is not much specification for that unfortunately. Stay tuned to our forums, we may get soon more information about this issue.

Yes, what we are discussing applies to everyone.


Thank you Kay :+1:

Thank you very much - here’s hoping it makes it through the discussion phase and is implenented!
Thanks for the info.

Thank you Kay :blush: :blush:

@Kay I heard that once w merged we wont be able to run influence(72Hours Protection Timer) in territorys on the new server. That would suck major balls. Could u pls clarify wich rules apply for flippin after Merge?

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I’m not sure where you heard that. Only thing I can think of is that we had a bug back in Beta where persistence was borked after the merge and influence wasn’t saving, but that has been fixed.

After the merge, you are be able to push influence against opposing faction control, capture forts in the open world, etc. Does that address your question?

EDIT: I will ask on Monday though, just in case.


Thx a lot my Friend. We love u beyond Imagination <3

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Just asking do you think the faction cooldown reset will be pushed by merge or a little bit after (Like 3-5 days after the merge), or do you expect it to be longer?

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I mean, since the merges apply mostly on 20/21 december, it would actually be a nice gesture so people have war blocked during the holidays, to avoid losing territoy because of having family time for once :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there something plannet for peace during holidays? like from the 23th until 27th? Heard that about other games too (conquerers blade for example)

Sure love how the devs don’t give a rats butt about tickets that are put in. This is the 2nd time this worthless trading post has taking a lot of my gold and i have put a ticket in. Not a single reply. Waste of my time playing this garbage if this crap does not get fixed. 981 hrs of waste.


what about the Players which decided to switch before the change in the Patch from 120 to 60 days. Will they also get the 60 days to switch ?

@Kay few company members and I have interest in transfering to a higher populated server as Orun merge is very small and definitely not what we were expecting. (thought all the firma servers would merge into us which would give up 1000 pop roughly).

Been hearing from my company friend that we will lose our token after the merges are completed is this true?

You forget that not only one server is getting to be invaded - ppls home server got totally broken whilen merging to another server. So of course people will try to get “their” settlements back as soon as possible. You can’t blame ppl for that, and your “nice gesture” is good for companies on target server - but not for all others merging to the server.

But I do agree, a server merge so close before holidays was not the smartest decision I guess, though I’m happy that they merged fast. As far as I know if ppl are fast flipping the war would be on 22nd then if no invasion disturbes? Sounds like a small chance for a relaxing 24-26 ^^

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