Frostwall is Missing

Hi there,

Was wondering if someone could help me. I had a 625 frostwall ice gauntlet that I frequently use, but it is now missing. I was wondering if someone could help restore it for me.

Server: Miranma
In-game name: gonyong


You’ll need to contact support to resolve this.

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Hey @gonyong

I apologize about this inconvenience as @JakeL mentioned you will need to create a web ticket in order to this can be better investigated unfortunately we can not restore items over the forums.
Remember to lock the items to avoid them can be savaged by mistake.

Keep gaming adventurer!

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Thanks so much. What I’ve noticed that has been happening is that with quick salvage for some reason the game registers it as a “drop item” command instead of quick salvage and I end up dropping the item. I regularly lock my items and have no issues, but I’ve regularly dropped items when I use the quick salvage function, so it becomes a problem when I’m running and quick salvaging and not even noticing that I’m dropping an item.

I had an issue where all of the armor pieces I had in my bags vanished from my inventory while in a dungeon and the game dumped it to a random bank. Another guy in my company had a similar thing with the turkey drops. Check all the banks.

Hey @gonyong

I understand mistakes can happen by any chance do you remember when did you dropped the item? This information can help us scalate the situation.

I"ll be around adventurer.

Thank, I noticed it missing probably right before I made this post 6 days ago so I would say probably in the 6-7 days ago.

I lost another item the same way about 1-2 days ago, a legendary firestaff with keen, refreshing move…

Again, contacting support with the link above would be the best way to recover those, especially if you know the exact item name :slight_smile:

Hey @gonyong

There is apossibility that we can restore some droped items with a proper time frame and information. Even though I can not guarantee that will be restored.
Please submit the ticet and use the post as reference.

Best wishes Adventurer!

Thanks, someone was actually able to restore my Frostwall, but I think it’s harder to restore my firestaff. Hopefully there can either be a workaround or warning about quicksalvaging while freerunning that you can drop the items and not realize. Had another buddy in game who was quicksalvaging while running, realized that his chardis helm was missing, turned around and saw that it ended up on the floor but didn’t realize that it had dropped while he was salvaging.

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