FS changes completely kill Fireball+perk, especially in PvE

Removing the burning patch and nerfing the perk to only apply to above 50% health enemies makes this a dead skill.

The burning AOE prevented the skill from being a total waste of a cast most of the time against groups, and the perk becomes dead in dungeons/against bosses who spend much of their time below 50% health.

I thought the goal was to make the fire staff better in PvE? By nerfing it’s signature ability?

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I agree.

By implementing the 50% HP rule activation of the fireball perk, this perk is considered as dead perk (pve and pvp), which might potentially kill the Fireball skill itself.

DEVS, if you plan on nerfing the fireball perk this is not the way you do it, this 50% HP rule activation will kill Fireball, not nerf it.

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yeah, it’s going to be really hard justifying slotting this perk, or even slotting this skill over pillar of fire if these changes go through like it is.

3 weapon perks could be the meta like:

  1. Keen, Vic, keenly emp or
  2. Flame attunement, Vic, Keenly emp

Those 2 i think would be the S tier set of perks IMO.

1st set of perks would be nice if you have keen awareness on Ring
2nd would be nice for flat consistent damage.

Vic and Keenly Emp are the BIS for FS atm since they changed the crit damage from multiplicative to additive.

Forgot to mention that, Pillar of fire doesnt feel that good if slotted in weapon. It’s good but I’d rather slot it in armors.

Empowering meteor shower is giga good too, but same rules apply with the Pillar perk. It’s okay in armors and would be a waste of slot in weapon since it’s only a 9% empower difference. (Dont need more empower buff, might cap with rune of helios + other skill tree perk + keenly emp)

Yes emp fireball on weapon sint bis anymore but refreshing pillar is

rune of helios isn’t empower, unless they changed it, but i doubt that

also fireball still does the same, obviously you don’t have the burning field anymore, now everyone hit gets a burn stack doing the same dmg.

so it’s just the same, just in more consistent, as the debuff stays on the opponent while he moves
old burn field was really garbage, even hard to make it valueable in pve.

also i don’t know why empowering fireball is bad when its above 50% health.
you can bring people low to then finish off with other stuff
well for a nub mage, obviously completely relying on fireball to kill people, this might be a bad nerf, but in that case it just makes the class better, but only if you have skill.

obviously not worth to throw fireball at bosses when below 50% health, but i guess the other stuff that gets buffed, alone with the bane buff for magic weapons completely makes up for it, you can run really good dmg, with new meteor shower right side ultimate.

Awoken ash might be pretty good now, 'cause it’s enchanted/keenly/pillar

because it’s a dead perk once anything goes below half health lmao.

Health bar bosses spend a lot of their time below 50% health.
The critical moment in PvP is below 50% health.

Fireball is a finisher wham-o that delivers the knockout with the fire staff, something devs don’t seem to understand. Two fat nerfs to the perk/ability, in exchange for…

One single stack of smolder?

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it’s like couple seconds of dps you’re missing out on bc fireball doesn’t do extra dmg on bosses below 50% hp.

it’s ridicolous to even consider making a post about it.
while fire staff is going to get so many other ways to get high dps with actual gameplay and burn stack management.

That’s simply not true. Several casts (potentially many on a wall-of-health-boss) a 57% increase of direct damage is a gigantic amount of damage, in fact, that perk is the highest single damage boost in the game, percentage wise.

Please rethink your logic here, or go play the PTR with that perk, it’s hardly slottable over pillar or meteor shower with these changes.

if you really play emp fireball on weapon in pve, i have to say straight forward, that’s dumb.
any other perk would give you a much better increase in overall dps than the difference of fireball on armor/fireball on weapon.

Well said. I quoted you in this thread: Firestaff is completely overtuned now wth - #134 by Leyari

is empowering fireball actually dead now? is it worht having on armor maybe or waste?

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