FS Mage Burnout

Personal opinion…

Burnout for the fire staff shouldnt be interruptible!!

It an ability to be able to gain space… one hit with a left click of an axe or hammer… cancelled…

So annoying and frustrating been a mage at the minute with the current situation… seen patch notes and seems it will get slightly better but deffo think burnout should be interruptible.


Devs… this seriously needs looking at… so unplayable at the minute as a mage v g axe and hammer

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I still get a kick out of the fact that a Rapier which weigh roughly between .8 kilos and 1.5 kilos can Riposte and block a giant maul or axe that look like they weigh between 40 and 60 kilos… realism at it’s finest.

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You won’t have this problem next patch, Lunge is gone. Thats the only reason GA people can keep up.

frankly, the charge is still amazing and (nearly?)instant

Yep this is the dumbest and most annoying thing ive ever seen. Devs wtf are you doing


You think Bwuce? I think the G axe charge down is more instant. And can catch you before you’ve had chance to use burnout. Just so annoying. Shouldn’t be able to be interrupted.

Literally making me want to respec after the 17 nerfs mages got.

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