Fsihing Bot User "Manekiii"

  • What is your character name in New World: NiqFakeN
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Hades / Eu Central
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Fsihing Bot User

In Eu Central Hades Server, the player named “Manekiii” has been fishing in the same place for 1 month using wall hacking at the same spot.
His coordinate is : Position [13500.439, 5986.080, 39.424]

I want him banned thanks.

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Hi @NiqFakeN ,


We really appreciate your report on suspected bot.

We take instances of botting and cheating very seriously.

I have created a report of this and our moderators will review this carefully and valid action will be taken.

You can also report the player/company in-game.

​To report a player or company in-game:

    1.  Hover over the offending message and then click Report.
    2.  Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.

To report a player or company in-game, outside of chat:

    1.  Press O to bring up the Social menu and then search for the player by name.
    2.  Mouse over the player and then click Report.
    3.  Select a reason for the report, provide a description of the violation, and then click Submit.​

We thank you for taking your time and helping us in maintaining a fair enviroment in game.


Happy New Year!! :confetti_ball: :star2:

See you in Aeternum!! :sunflower: :evergreen_tree:

Unfortunately, the in-game report system does not work as it should. He is a player who was reported every day for 1 month, but no sanctions were applied.
Thanks for create report for this :slight_smile:

this is restless shore its level 41-46 map. This guy came here when he was level 20 and reached level 49 here. He has been farming for 1 month using fishing bots and wall hacks. Authorities please ban this user as soon as possible. This person really pisses me off my game. Thank you for your interest.

I’ve found 2 fishing bot on Delos server at the same spot, they thought hiding under that spot makes them invincible to report, but I can still report the bots even if theyre inside that spot. lol

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Yeah but no one check reports in this game…

He still farming there hello gamemasters?

and there are some more suspicious activities on new character beaches. there’s always lv 20-40 running around killing mobs?? i feel like that’s just gold farming

the second month, and they are still farming…

You are absolutely useless, except for words you do nothing.

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hi @Helianthus please can you do something about him? He farming tier3 hotspot 24/7, we reporting him in game but it doesn’t work at all.

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OMG what is this? There are 5-6 people there and still no one bans them, it’s like a joke.

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Don’t let amazon fool you. They say " We take instances of botting and cheating very seriously. "
But they take no action against most bots. Server Rivadeneyra has bots all over the place that have been there for more then 40 days. Also so many gold selling bots in Global Chat.

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Unfortunately AGS don’t care about bots, i reported one in rocabarra 2 days ago, and he still fishing.

P.S. I have more video if you want.

Hello Adventurers! Wishing you the best on these days. :mage: :sparkles:

Seriously, we appreciate all the reports and evidences that you share with us.

As my peer @Helianthus said, please, report all the player that you consider that are against Amazon Game Code Conduce with the steps that were provided.


Our moderation team will take actions when required.

Never stop reporting when you see something wrong in the game.

Thank you so much for your time. :dizzy:

Your report system doesn’t work, i create ticket, i and my clan report that player in game, but he still fishing 24/7.

“Manekiii” named bot still farming at eu central hades? is it really hard to ban him?

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