FSS- Just level up to 60 today


Today I leveled up my character to level 60.

What to do now?

Which way is best to level up expertise? and how does it work?
(Buyed 598GS weapons on TP and when I equipt them, they drop to 549GS)

Also FSS server will they get merge later on with other servers or will they stay fresh as an permanent server?

The gearscore is calculated as average between your expertise and the actual gearsvore of the piece of equipment. So buying 590+ stuff was a good idea to get you a strong start.

The expertise will increase whenever you drop or loot a piece that has a higher gs than your current expertise in that category.

You can increase your gearscore through different means:

World Tours/Elite Chest runs - a group of players coming together to raid the elite areas

Lvl 60+ Expeditions - Lazarus, Genesis, Tempest’s Heart, Barnacles & Blackpowder (up to 25 runs per day). Here you can also get up to 2 Sapphire Gypsum per day.

Gypsum Orbs - every day you can earn a multitude of gypsum through various activities in Aeternum. These gypsum can be traded into gypsum orbs at gypsum ovens (Reekwater & Ebonscale cities have one aswell as the outposts in neutral territories). Craft the orbs into casts and open those to bump your gearscore for the selected category.


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