Full Harvester set deleted

Same here. All of my gear with the Reinforced Harvesting Luck perk has been removed. Many folks in global chat are saying the same happened.

oddly enough, there’s still gear with this perk on the trading post.

Character: Rune jairusion
Server: City of Brass
US East

yep just happened. all my t5 harvestor gone

Same here sadly, hopefully you guys can fix that^^

Char: Jochen Knochen
Server: Chryse

Character: Foram
Server: Loloi US EAST

I had a pair of Harvester Gloves disappear from my inventory today.

Server: Avalon / EU

same here. All my harvester set items gone

Same here. The T5 Harvester Set is gone and my char is standing naked in front of my storage. :weary:

Character: Slashrofl
Server: Avalon EU Central

yup there goes all my harvester gear gone

Server:NA East

there are no harversting gear at marked anymore

Same here. My full harvester set gone after restart.

Character: Queelon
Server: Hellheim Eu Central


Character: Toremate
Server EU west
World Surba

Same, all gone.
Character: Ertaii, Wizard
Server Youming


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All my gear is back!! @Luxendra thank you :slight_smile:


Character: Negligent One
Server: Aeaea


Character: Ona
Server: Midgard


Character: Momby
Server: Amenti

My entire T5 set aswell is completely gone. What is going on??

Lazrah - Folkvangr

Same here, not only T5, but T4 as well
Name: Wydoyolo
Server: Hellheim

We’re aware of the issue and currently investigating! Since there are multiple threads up about this, I’m going to close this and link you to the main thread here: Harvesting Gear Disappeared! - #33 by TrevzorFTW

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