Full Loot PVP Server Please

Again, you talk about your experience, seeing many engineers try to argue with you, you take the flag of an expert in the game developpement field, but again we’ve to trust you, just on your words ?

You don’t have to. You have yet to send me a PM.

I don’t tell they can’t afford it, I’m just telling, that a business reason by cost and profits. There’s a bigger cost than you might think at giving what you want, and the profit can not be evaluate easily.

Ugh i give up lol

You’ve to understand that, when you want some evolution of the game, you have to take also the interest of AGS for doing it. Like on another pvp server subject, for example, we talk about realm vs realm of GW2, arguing on what it brings in GW2, arguing this way you can hope AGS will take it in consideration.

At this time, we do not plan to release a PvP only server. [Notice] Fresh Start World Rollout Plan and FAQ


It’s good not to rush it!!! In all honesty NW has been making some good progress towards more balanced PvP. Yes, I said it, PvP has improved over the last year. Still, BIG changes are needed for a PvP only server to succeed. Timers would have to be placed on portals, recalls, logouts etc. Healers need nerfed to single player heals. A PvP loot and drop rate system needs implemented bringing risk and reward to PvP, (deaths need to hurt a little more). And weapons damage variances between classes needs to be greatly reduced, harmonized.

Wrong thread.

Last time i checked unlikely at this time doesnt mean what you want it to. Go play your game and stop hating on others for requesting one server with more action

Press U. Get action.


And it doesnt mean what you want it to mean.

For that you have to have other players pressing U. An opt-in/opt-out PVP is not a PVP server. It is a server for PVE players.

Now there is a decently large amount of people asking for PVP servers. Whether AGS will make one or not at any point in time is, of course, entirely up to them.

What I can say is that so far, New World has followed in the exact footsteps of Age of Conan. And I am sure they will go full circle as well and end up creating a full PVP server, counting on the PVP community to save them, and it will be too late.

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I dont see why not. 1 server for ppl who want that - as an experiment , but dont expect balance for that shit etc…play at ur own risk , not my cup of tea , but why deny ppl who are eager to play on such terms . If there is at least a thousand of those ppl maybe AGS at some point will make 1 ( i honestly doubt there is even 1 k ppl for it tho )

No they changed it because it’s a garbage idea that would have made new world player base around 1k.

Full loot forced pvp games have not really seen much success and the reason is that the ones that want it is griefers not actual people who enjoy pvp.

If ashes of creation launches with the current forces semi loot pvp system it will be dead on arrival.

You should check out fractured online, that seems to be be the game for you

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Full loot pvp is bad, is makes people avoid pvp (as seen in mortal 2)

But new world as it is currently, except 1 server where you cant toggle pvp off, that would create action alllll over the place, and people who want to be pacifist traders can just not join a faction

Consider classic wow, tons of players, and many servers are cant toggle pvp off (no loot pvp) and it doesnt even have safe zones in town

Nw pvp server (no loot drop) would just need safezones at quest npcs and dungeon entrances, like at fast travel shrines and an increased timer when you leave safe zones until you are flagged on so you can escape town exit campers

10s of thousands of other players want PVP and press U dont they? Because there is huge demand for it right?

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Cmon, just release 1 server with pvp permanently locked on.

Even if it was in the Europe or US regions I would play it, and deal with the 200-300 ping.

I want PvE with risk, and not AI risk from predictable mobs, I want the satisfaction of achieving ingame goals knowing I could be killed at any time. That IS the game for me, and why I enjoyed games like UO, Lineage2 and Darkfall so much.

I’m bored with the predictable linked list of content, let players be the content.

Just one, roll the dice … seriously what is the worst thing that could happen, people like it, people 24/7 stream it?

And no I’m not asking for a full loot server, just that factions have PVP locked on.
On that one server set the flag to true and hide the U button, that’s all.

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^ Kurtric gets it!!

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Don’t waste your time… at least we tried.

Time to use the U button and move on to another game

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Dont give up, if people keep voicing the request, they might listen