"Full" Servers Preventing Fun

My fiance has convinced me to play this game. She purchased the game after it came out and joined one of the “new” servers that were created in order to spread out population. The server is Castle of Steel to be specific. She did not join a server to play with any “popular streamer” as many people are accused of doing. The very next day, I attempted to create a character on the server. Since this day last week, every time I have tried to create a character, I have been notified that new character creation is disabled on this server. Despite this message, every time I have checked, the server has had only Medium population with no queue.

In the early days of this game, character creation restrictions should be monitored and adjusted frequently. Daily.

I am trying to play this game specifically with my fiance who asked me to play with her, I can’t get onto her server and she can’t transfer. We’re being led to believe that transfers will be here soon, but I was also led to believe by Amazon that this game would be free with prime (I distinctly remember Amazon saying this) and now I just spent $80 on a pair of copies.

I have 30min logged on the game just checking server statuses daily. Once I am near 2hrs, I will be forced to refund the game through Steam.


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Probably all new servers were beforehand blocked to allow 2000 toons and turn off creation automatically.

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