FULL Unlock Castle of Steel - Transparency On Why Still Locked?

Castle of Steel is not the peak server in peak hours - why is it still locked? What exactly are the requirements to unlock for transfers and new players? Transparency is needed please.


It shouldn’t even be a practice now that we have paid transfers available.

RIP Eden ( I never got a response )

Eden was once the highest pop US-East server which didn’t have high queues at peak time. Then a big wave of merges happened and Eden (which didn’t receive a merge) wasn’t even in the top half of US East server populations. However, after the merges, it was the only server to be locked and character creation disabled for weeks until the server effectively died even though there were other servers with new higher queue times at peak. A few months later it gets merged into Maramma since the population never recovered.

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Agreed with Riivvrr. Castle of Steel should be unlocked now, as the server has not reached capacity in over a week now after the City of Brass server merge was done and settled in.

Unlock Castle of steeel pleaseeeeeee

Y’all here complaining about it being locked but as soon as they do leave it unlocked and you have an hour long q to get into the server you gonna be right here crying about that too.

They lock it based on total “active” accounts on the server is what I’ve been told.

I just returned to the game an found out my world got merged with this server!

Why do you guys want in? is it because factions are somewhat balanced (or at least that’s how it looks like in the map)?

Edit: NVM… I just found out the server was proposed as “PvP Hub”

Unlock Castle of Steel !

I thought I see Riggins as your username :laughing: , need more people to scam

ahaha no im not that scammer lol





@Aenwyn, please do your best to get us an update re: CoS being locked.

I won’t even share my opinion here, I agree, we only ask for transparency. :pray:

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We are actively monitoring server levels and have set bounds to ensure the health of the servers!

The only thing AGS seems to do is ensures the servers get less and less people playing as time passes. How low must the overall playerbase get before you dislodge your collective heads from your asses and start actually moving on fixing the real issues your few remaining players wish to be fixed??? Is it just ‘sit and watch it swirl the drain’ time?

Here’s a few of the larger ignored issues. Print them and staple the pages to developers’ foreheads.

remove the pvp flagging bonus
make more gathering nodes
remove the luck system completely

@Riivvrr As I mentioned, we are actively reviewing servers, especially with the newly released transfer tokens. Castle of Steel is no longer locked as of right now. We will continue to monitor server population and health! :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what you guys are talking about… COS is unlocked as we speak.

lol, this just happened. Thanks /thread.

Automated , big Kapp

Then Pluto should be locked since asmongold and his 100k viewers has accounts there now.

only the luck system is a problem out of those.

Instead they should fix all the lagg and stutter that got re introduced with April’s monthly update…
The game was more smooth last month then it is now.

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