Fun is gone from game

Srr for bad englich
Simple like this is just not fun, is not fun have stupid war mechanic like we have now, ppl wana do wars but 90% ppl cant rest 10% are limited
Its not fun play only opr for person whu is not intresting in pve
And is not fun farm 5 diferent gearset for each mutation
Is not fun not feal special, log in and know everyone can be same as you if thei wana, not matter wich wepon you pick, you will never feel special.
Game have so many not fun things wats why ppl leaving , nkw ask your self, wat will become this game ? New expansion we get back ppl, after month we again lose ppl? Why? Becose game is not fun, pvp players wana have fun,
Pve players wana have fun, but we are limited, by pvp activitys and pve activitys…


The game cost $20
The game is fun for about a month, two tops.
I got my $20 worth

I hope they work on everything this game needs.
Because I want to love it.


My thoughts exactly. I’ve already played this game for 60+ hours and I still love it at this point the game is the bargain of the century.

Yeah, a game that is both disappointing in end game (maker of game problem) and discouraging (way overbearing player company problem) isn’t worth playing anymore. The combat is great, but it’s not great when people are trying to get better only to get ganged up on and stomped a lot and every server has one or two overbearing companies that own everything, making it so no one sees a point in playing anymore. I’ve seen entire servers and companies go under because they can’t climb out of the deep pit other players put them in

True but i don’t like the 20$ argument.

MMOs are Grindy. Out of my 3000 hours in the game, several hundred have been not fun. I’ve spent them doing things i don’t enjoy. Like farming. Chestruns. M1-10. Just so i can grind up and unlock the endgame.

An mmo is a long term time investment. And i regret investing so much time and effort into the game because the captain of this ship is steering us right into an iceberg.

Whether we still enjoy the game or not. It’s dying. Quickly. Because the devs refuse to adress the feedback which is important. The massive lack of content variety. The terrible gear progression and it’s RNG nature. The terrible weapon balancing both for pvp and PvE.

20$ bucks or not… i wish i never found this game and invested myself into it. At this point it seems like a massive waste of time because there is no rewarding or fun endgame and probably never will be.


For me, this what I do to wind down after a long day at work. If I wasn’t playing New World, I’d be playing something different or watching tv. It’s relaxation time, so there isn’t an opportunity cost, and so it doesn’t feel like an investment. I just play it while I enjoy it and do something else when I don’t.

I sometimes wonder whether your conviction that the game is dying is because you’re all in and you assume everyone else must be the same. I tend to assume that everyone is like me and that they’ll drift away for a couple of months if they’re bored and feel like a change and come back for the next update.

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Maybe they are. I took a 5 month break and came back. But when i stopped my gear was amazing and when i came back my gear was useless.

If you take a few months break you will heavily fall behind and whatever you’re using will probably be nerfed or changed in some way.

I have a few lost ark character, no interest in starting that up after being gone for months. Same with every other MMO i ever played.

MMOs just aren’t these casual friendly games. Especially not the pvp portion.

I get it if you log on NW to go do some gathering and run a dungeon, maybe join a chestrun here and there.

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I quite enjoy that tho! Perfecting your gear is something which is fun to work towards.

I agree, thats fun in other games. But in new world I really despise it. Because there is no clear progression path towards it. The only thing I can do is save up gold and wait untill the item I want pops up on the marketplace.

In WoW i loved chasing gear and progressing my character. beating raid bosses to get better gear, increasing my PvP rank to get the pvp gear etc. That was great.

But in new world, I just wanna get my gear as fast as possible so I can actually play the game and then never have to worry about it again.

After 3k hours I still dont have a single BiS set and never had it. I feel like you pretty much have to RMT to get full bis in new world unless u grind your ass off and do nothing else for weeks and weeks so you can save up goldcap x2 to buy that one bis item you need.

Jep game is in dire straits and once true end game content, forum PvP is shring to tedious high school debate club clown shows. Sad times.

Forum moderators: Great feedback, I’ll get this to the team!
The team puts out a video addressing none of the feedback except to mock forum users?

Not a good sign.
It makes it feel like our good feedback is going into the trash.