Fundamental Game Design Question: How can minority factions succeed?

Aha , keep telling urself that , U didnt answer me how is 300 coins from a player turning into 3000 coins for Everfall / WW company is fair , which player was so economically gifted that this magic happened ?

well , NW is a good example than of what a game turns into if you let ppl like you do pOliTiCs n eConOmiCs .

That’s the compensation from AGS for a housing bug, that will soon end. 90% housing tax reduction + territory housing cost reduction makes it easier for players to keep homes, but AGS gives the city the original full housing tax value. Nonetheless that housing cost reduction will end soon, and thus you have 0 to complain about.

So here are a few additional points, but before those here is the map for Yaxche

On Wednesday Green will likely lose its last territory.

First, I came from Rosetau which, after much storming and companies leaving because they either a) won too easily and were bored or b) lost a key territory and were angry the server was well balanced. Then we were moved to Yaxche which was predominantly yellow. Yellow and Purple have the most people and obviously the most money/best gear.

PvP Green has been trying hard. They run loot trains on the regular, and reach out to the other factions for help but Yellow and Purple have no interest. When they do fight with us we get poop-talked and ganked. Yellow even goes out of its way to gank the loot trains and bystanders. Fundamentally Green is too small for either side to care, so the notion that we should ally ourselves with the more powerful factions isn’t working.

Additionally there are a lot of PVE’ers in green. They don’t want to PVP but they will buy homes, contribute to faction upgrades, craft and provide materials. Their user experience is equally bad because travel costs, taxes, and trading are high and won’t change if the faction can’t hold turf.

To rub salt in the wound world transfers are currently disabled.

I have a hard time understanding how it came to this, but there’s really no path forward for under-represented minority factions. I think someone said it above, game life is just imitating real life.

lol really man ? companies in Everfall and WW and on some servers BrightWood /Ebonscale made 20-30 millions passively on it while it lasted , but hey it is gona end soon so ye, why should i complain , indeed. Oh how nice of them to let me pay les for houses…to bad ALL the companies turned it to extreme and abused the system for months ,. with AGS turning blind eye on it

This is the same problem any game has that splits players in 2 or more factions. But in this game, instead of providing an out like a server transfer, you just have to deal with it. With how lucrative taxes are, you have to just not use the trading post/own a house in the ‘capital’ cities. But if you do, you’re just farming for the people with the money while they can just use the profits to craft themselves further ahead. The prices on the trading post already inflated to the point where only the wealthy territories can afford anything.

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On my server it was the same thing, Yellow and Purple owned everything and Green owned literally nothing. But now they have territory. Not as much as Purple and Yellow, but they have something.

On top of that however, Green is no pushover and they don’t just sit around and complain that their the minority. Contrary to belief more player numbers does not mean your faction is stronger, or better. Money and Gear only gets you so far, but if you suck in PvP then you are still going to lose.

At least on my server Green is trying, and in some fights they are better than Purple. But they don’t need to be given handicaps in order to make a difference on the server.

People are so dumb sometimes. Oh boo hoo my server sucks for my faction im going to take the easy way out and transfer elsewhere where maybe my faction is less trash and its actually doing something. Obviously that is not what AGS wants, hence disabled world transfers. Chads don’t stay chads forever, and in the long run everyone ends up in the same place. You can only get so geared, and money only gets so far. So if you have to play the long game oh well. Obviously if you given up your faction isn’t getting anywhere.

Hi CC, I sent you a message asking you to be respectful and helpful in your criticism. Really your attitude is part of the problem. I’d prefer you not post here - there are plenty of other threads, or you can start your own.

You are welcome to your opinion, but if you can’t express yourself respectfully, please post elsewhere.


The truth hurts. All I see is babies begging for help instead of taking action and making change on their own. They only care about the short term and don’t realize in the long term their problem is a non issue.

What these players are asking for is blasphemy and against this entire design philosophy of faction based PvP games. This is heresy and should be looked down upon. Instead players should be complaining about the poor combat, and unbalanced weapons and skills.

I have not seen a single suggestion in this thread of whining other than the minority should be given a handicap, which by design is unfair. If you are going to suggest treacherous game design decisions, at least come up with a viable solution.

Without stooping to your level, CC, I will provide a quote for you to consider from Amazon:

All builders welcome.

At AWS, we believe that technology should be built in a way that’s inclusive, diverse, and equitable. And we have a responsibility to make that happen. We have a long way to go, but we’re committed to putting in the work for more equal representation.

Please consider if you want to continue to get your posts flagged. It may not help you share your point of view.

Blasphemy , heresy ? Are you a catholic priest or smthing ? at least that explains why u defend bs tax system going on for months

AGS is different, and that is irrelevant to game design. Freedom of speech is a thing, feel free to have your feelings hurt. I have the right to give my feedback against those suggested here. Nobody wants this, and the lack of discussion about it proves that. I already said what can be done by the players, and if all that is a non option than oh well. In a few months every one will be max gear score, same gear, using the same builds, and same items fighting each other.

Actually the forum admins have the rights. You just rent the space.


right gl dont hf


I wish there was a way to sneak into the enemy fort as a solo player or small teams and sabotage things. A kind of guerilla warfare against a superior foe.

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Factions, as they are now, are stupid.

ESO’s three-way works because Cyrodiil doesn’t affect the rest of the world.

What they need to do is keep the wars (Company vs Company; ffa). Then make Invasions where the territory faction changes.
As in…if you lose the invasion, you don’t just get downgrades. The Corrupted actually seize the settlement (with level appropriate Corrupted to great adventurers looking to trade…and not looking at the world map to see the zone is in a red hue).

Run portals to gain Influence and then you ‘siege’ the fort and try and retake the zone.

This way it doesn’t matter if you’re on the smallest populated faction. You’re just going to be fighting 50 other players from another Company. Don’t have 50? Hire mercenaries (other players) that get paid via the War Fund (5k/10/15k if I recall). You win, you get more of a cut as a Merc. Lose, and well…you get a pittance.

When you think about it. Wars are for lvl 60s. And AGS likely had it planned that we’d be done with the ‘main story’ by lvl 60. Which, as it’s looking, has all three factions working together.
…so…why are they fighting for territory while the Corruption takes over? Makes no sense.

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This. The maps are actually often very bad because so few players are playing. They sweep the map fighting mostly PvE enemies for territory then log another faction and do the same thing – because there’s no one to fight.
Or if there’s just one zerg or ball group going around and there’s no one on to counter them.
Or there’s win trading going on and players are literally just sitting in a castle collecting tons of reward currency for “defending the castle” every few minutes.

Cyrodiil (and the Imperial City) can be completely screwed up by the rest of ESO is still playable because PvP and all the exploitation that goes on there is completely insulated from the rest of the game.

All player influence over Settlements should be removed in New World.
It relies too much on an idealized “everyone plays as we envisioned”.
The whole system is badly thought out.

This is a brilliant idea and really promotes the collaboration needed to make this successful. I hope the Devs read this.

I actually had the idea that First Light would be an AI-controlled Settlement with up to T3 stations. Everyone washes ashore there…it’s the first light we all see after dying.

Then the rest of the settlements are purchased by Companies and managed by them; up to T5 stations. Originally I had the current War mechanic. But now, I think it should be just Companies working to ‘overthrow’ the controlling Company. Regardless of faction. Then have Invasions actually takeover Settlements.

((I’ll probably make a Feedback post at some point after I think it over more.))

Theeeeen. The neutral areas have no ‘governing body’ and allow us to make small towns/outposts like we could back in Alpha. Rebalance it all so players can’t be asshats with walling off resources or areas. Limit those to T4 stations.

((Maybe have those areas be forced PVP? I don’t know. I dislike unstructured PVP [aka World PVP] because it tends to be fought in ‘guaranteed victory’ ways: 3v1; that sort of thing. Very few players will participate in World PVP as would be envisioned it’s just a bunch of gang squads looking for easy marks, and very rarely a 1v1. …though, I did enjoy Southshore vs Tarren Mill and Crossroad raids. Those were always fun in WoW.))

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