Furnishing - cannot be stored/destroyed

Dear Team,

Would you please be able to confirm details about timeline related to fix furnishing? Currently, we have hundreds of weight in our inventory, cannot be stored or destroyed, pur azoth travel costs are much higher, and it has a lot of negative impact on the user feeling about the game. Its already several days, would be possible to confim when this will be fixed? Would be at least possible to make furnishing weight 0 in order to Not negatively impact our experience until its fixed? I understand that proper fix takes time, however i believe that there are multiple temporary solutions which could prevent players with such problems in terms of furniture.
Thank you, i hope you dont feel offended, but its really pain in our a** since instead of 100 azoth travel cost with 70 Weight, if you travel with 300, azoth cost is greatly increased.
Thank you


have this too, got told by support live chat they dont care right now , as they have other things going on…

I also have this. Cannot even list the items I have made on Trade Post.

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Put them into ure Home, if you have one worked for me.

Not me, my house is full and can’t do more of the particular items I have like chests. I am not about to waste gold and buy another house when I don’t need it because the game is broken either!

I am also waiting for the inclusion of the exchange, transfer and sale of furniture, the important thing is that I can’t give my friends trophies

Waiting on a response from AGS… keep bumping these furnishing posts so that we can get a response!

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seems they dont care much

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