Furnishing Legendary Quests and Personal Crafting Stations

Idea for personal crafting station and something to give furnishers to make money as crafters.

Legendary Quests

At 200 Furnishing a furnisher gains access to a quest chain that takes them all around the world. Something akin to the legendary weapon quests that had us going to many different POIs but instead it sends us to different towns to do quests for furnishers in those towns. At the pinnacle of the quest chain the furnisher is given the option to choose to master crafting the ultimate crafting station for a given trade skill. They get choices between each refining skill and each crafting skill. Each time they run this quest chain they unlock a new station recipe.

New Crafting Profession Cooldowns

Each crafting profession and refining profession would also be given a legendary quest to unlock a new daily cooldown. This cooldown would produce components that are used in the furnishing recipe that is unlocked by furnishers.

Station Recipe Ingredients
On top of the daily cooldown components from professions a major crafting trophy component would also be required to make these stations.

Functionality of these Crafting Stations
These stations produced by furnishers would be placeable in your houses. Medium houses would accommodate a single station while large houses can accommodate 2. The station would allow you to craft at it, in your house. The station would function with the same benefits of having 1 major trophy for the crafts made by that station but would not count against your houses trophy limits. Additionally, for crafting stations the station would have the inherent buff of being in a town with the town buffs running for crafts done at that station - this would not stack with the town buffs but allow the craftsman to craft year around without worrying about town buffs. For refining stations they would have a 10% accumulation bonus that stacks with all other accumulation buffs.