Furnishing needs some love

In every other profession you can use higher level refining components to craft low level stuff. Furnishing is the only exception… it’s really bs to keep the low level stains to craft trophys.

Second thing are the chests. Best ingame chests are drops. On all levels the drop chests are exactly the same size than the crafted ones. Except in the highest tier where the drop ones offer 25 more storage. This really limits the benefit of that profession.

New world is centered around professions that are at least as good as drop items. Furnishing has no proccs or perks - the minimum I would expect from that profession that it doesn’t fall behind drops. That really limits the value of the highest tier crafted chests.

The 2nd best option isn’t worth much to MMO players… got one cursed treasure chest for 5k gold today on my server. It’s the only profession where I would say it’s worse than drops.

The last thing that is really annoying are the “hidden” craft items. Whoever thought this is a cool thing should get a loan cut :). Either I can craft the item and I can tell my guild mates what they need for it or I can’t do it. AFAIK no other profession got this mechanic… well done.

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