Furnishing profession questions for the devs

Hi Devs,

Just would like to know what are your plans for finishing the furnishing profession and what are your future plan insights for the other furnishers out there to look forward to?

Currently sitting at level 164 furnishing and as a solo furniture crafter (not guild supported) this was a long but windy road profession for me to take but I’m still hanging in there ( just crafted my basic luck loot trophy so stoked!)

But there’s some questions I would like to ask you if its not too much to ask.

  • Are you going to implement furnishing a house to be more impactful to the peacocking score?

As in the current system peacocking score plays a minimal role in the top house vs doing quests, town quests, killing mobs etc. Are we expected to see a larger role for furnishing in the future as being the top house plays a vital role in showing my display home with all my crafts so the community can see my work and purchase my hand crafted items.

  • Are we going to get to make a trophy for furnishing and the other left out professions? Having extra bonus luck to our other professions makes me think furnishing and other professions are left on the back seat.

  • Can we get some insight to the “legendary fishing trophy”? As a lot of us have all the necessary legendary fish but are now baffled as to how to craft it. :upside_down_face:

  • Is beeswax a thing or a myth in new world?:thinking:

Thank you for your time.


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Thanks Ona but that I believe is to craft the major fishing trophy. Not the legendary one which needs more than 5 legendary fish.

There is only one legendary, the luck trophy.
But the major ones are all T5, including the luck.

Here is an insight to what I’m referring to. The Ultimate Fishing Trophy

I’d ignore that post, ppl just speculating based on the description of the item.
Most likely it’s not added to the game, if it even is supposed to exist at all.

True. Maybe the devs can confirm here :wink:

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