Furnishing still disabled

This has been going on for almost a week now, and without a single iota of an update. What is going on AGS, Devs, Soothers of the upset public relations people, anyone with any type of actual knowledge. Please, tell us something. an ETA, a please go away? an oops we forgot? Anything?


I’m glad I can at least put the furniture in my home now. Some freezing/stuttering when I try, but it doesn’t crash any more.

Also glad I can salvage crafted furniture again. That stuff was getting out of hand. Would really love to be able to sell again, though.


For a long time I’ve been funneling wood and cinnamon to my friend that has specifically fallen in love with the housing system / trophies and chests, I finally purchase my own house after becoming Gov for Brightwood and holding it for a bit. Boom economy down soon as I want my chests finally, here we are a week later as if they simply forgot about it.

Furniture trading disabled, gems still not scaling

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Gems not scaling? What’s that one?

do you mean jewerly can’t be lvled still ?

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To whoever have furnishings in the bags and want to put them in the storage:

  1. Go inside your house, place the furnishings that you have in bags.
  2. Retrieve/remove from the house.
  3. They go in bank/storage.

Fantastic for that small bit of the problem, but I’d like to be able to receive my chests and trophies from my friend who’s been holding them a week for me, and I know that my friend would love to actually be able to make some $$ from her stocked up furniture. Not directing any frustration at you btw, I know how text can comes across lol.


Amber gems aren’t properly scaling with Focus, been around since the dawn of time. Many threads


That’s been fixed like 2 patches ago now, Pure focus user here, Made a huge difference. Went from the 50% being even with the thrust dmg, now it does almost double at all times.

Well, right off the bat that eliminates everyone who doesn’t have a house from taking advantage of the admittedly excellent solution. Still, it’s an excellent solution for players who have them.


Hm, not working on the pristine I tested with the other day… Just splits damage 50/50 with no scaling. What tier gem(s) have you tested on lately?

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furnishing is le trash. AGS wants to get rid of it, hence the nerf to trophies. move on and go slap more rocks

I only use 4’s and 5’s based on if I’m just leveling the weapon skill or actually doing content. Both scale appropriately. Void gauntlet recent example, hitting 260 on average with void, 400ish on focus (void also scales from focus but you can see the difference between the .6 base and the 1.0 on the gem) Hatchet, typically hitting 346 and 624. I’ve heard rumors that gems from before the fix don’t work, but don’t quote me on that.

? which nerf ?

Right? I don’t remember any nerf, just that people were duping, which I would hope they’ve fixed by now and forgot to click the ‘on’ switch for Furnishing lol.

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Really needs to be sorted, along with a host of other things. But it has been a week now that some of us have items stuck in our inventory and wasting tons of Azoth porting around extra weight. Some of us have trophies stuck in our inventory or have houses at limit, so wee are still stuck with items in our inventory we can do nothing with. Not every item can be salvaged, so we are really stuck here due to the dated trading bug.

That was a small patch/downtime this morning, it would be good to know if that is the only attention the game will receive this week due to Thanksgiving (US)?

Tier 1 flawed amber gem in a weapon does more damage than the top tier pristine amber and we already do absolute potatoes for damage as healybois. Not that we’re supposed to be hitting like trucks but come on, it’s the least they could do for nerfing the only thing we can do.

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I’ll try that, gonna laugh if I hit harder with a flawed gem.

bump for a fix asap

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