Furnishing still disabled

i give up at this point

How about people, who haven’t bought a house yet and is saving money instead. How do they get rid of furnishing items that are not possible to salvage,drop or deposit in storage? It’s taking unnecessary bag space.


Yeah, my test vs. a boar was a clean 50/50 after slotting a pristine amber, no scaling. Maybe I’ll do some more testing tonight.

@sol64 Try a search on “gem scaling” on this site, quite a few threads

will do that, wonder if furnishing is fixed, if servers are up

This would be great…but sadly doesn’t work for the Chest I have in my bag. I’m already at max with the amount of chest I can place in my home…so this doesn’t work.

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Not fixed. This was just a patch to address server time issues

@sol64 just finished this post that goes over the details Current State of Amber Gem Scaling (Test Results) - General Discussion / General Discussion - New World Forums

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great data, also holy crap still no update on furniture, not even an ETA. mind boggling

bumping this up, refuse to let it go.

I completely agree, its unacceptable that they are not giving us any progress on this, tbh this is more likely to force me to quit this show than anything else to date, I don’t care about perk bugs etc they cause imbalance not completely break core mechanics of the entire game. There was a dev post around house reduction in pricing which indicated (reading between the lines) that it might not be fixed until some time in December. I understand they cannot let duping happen again however surely some parts of the process can be freed up, disable trading I guess if absolutely necessary but we need some way to upgrade trophies in the mean time. Even salvaging the shit in our bags would be a good start I got a pile of garbage chests I have to pay to cart around the continent

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Exactly, now they announce another patch and still nothing about furniture. I don’t understand it.


What sort of compensation can we who sank gold and tears into getting this to 200 expect?

I havent been able to make a dime for over a week now.


Yeah I’ve funneled tons of mats to someone and they have sunk 100 hours of farming mats and crafting to get high in furnishing only for it to be disabled when it starts to pay off.

I’ll bump this to the end of time if necessary, need more visibility so we can get some form of an answer. I know you guys have other issues happening actively right now, but it’s not like it’s a small indy game dev company, no shot you can’t spare a person here or there to work on secondary issues lol.

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If this goes on another week after this next one it will be the final straw for me

My income is completely reliant on other professions that dont make nearly the same as furnishing

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Yeah same, I am considering stopping aswell sadly.

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AGS insults us.

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Still nothing, ridiculous