Furnishing Today - How to Get Ahead

As of the crafting changes, we all know it’s pretty dang hard to get ahead of the curve. Sure do miss the old days. I’m trying to get my furnishing up to the 150 mark and it feels like things have totally stagnated at 125. A solid 2 hrs of effort for the materials to make oak shelves results in maybe 2 levels, at a loss of about 2k gp for the sandpaper, steel, starmetal, etc. I’m guessing probably 4-5 hrs if I was to gather everything myself. This is a pretty steep cost. The alternative is trying to find some other recipes with minimal cost/effort and grind out billions of them, but the market definitely can’t support that many raw materials (5,000 timber, for example). I’m kind of at a loss… Probably preaching to the choir here. I hate farming with a passion, but I’ll do it if it feels like I’m getting somewhere. That is definitely not the case here.

So, crafting nerfs and whining aside… Does anyone have useful suggestions to get from 125 to 150 furnishing in this pretty brutal new scaling system? Or has everyone just given up.

Make stain till 200, its easy to farm and relatively cheap to buy. Oak to 150, mahogany till 200, pop some music on and fill your bags with Oil in WF, hit all the t2 chests and motes along the Oil farm to supplement your income.


If you have powder horn just craft the shit out of it its like 2-3k xp per craft

Ty, sir. Will give it a go

I do have powder horn, but the animal horns are a problem… Priced very high on my server and not a very common drop

All the oil on our server has been bought up in anticipation of this.

Just leveled Furnishing 0-200 today. Spent 100k Gold. Gold is easy earned anyways, If you Farm everything yourself instead of earning Gold the Most efficient way on your server and buy all its gonna Take forever ofc.

Not exactly sure what you’re saying there, but I think you’re saying to just buy the materials. but wow, wish I shared your experience… Maybe it’s just our low-pop server, but I’ve struggled to stay above 20k.

Try doing that on a server with 20 players

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you get those back when you salvage

the cost of the powder horn is the bees wax and gunpowder.

you get the horns back after you salvage the powdered horn, so you only need 3 tops to craft, salvage, repeat.

No kidding… Well then. This is genious, btw. I had 4 horns sitting in my house and 2 on the market that I’d crafted but didn’t want to scrap, lol. Best discovery in a long time.

Can you even find beeswax in the market??

search up powder horn (item not the scheme)
on the bottom it shows items needed to craft it

click the wax

get the wax

Sure. As If every Server Had 20 Players

Definitely powder horn. However, the furnishing profession was not touched unlike the other professions. This is the way it has been since it came out, minus the powder horn recipe since beeswax wasn’t in the game in the beginning. Technically, it’s actually easier now than it was simply because of this recipe. It’s a long grind with a crapload of time and money investment to do it. Good luck mate!!

Depends on your server as other point out. I remember stuff like flux being like 2 + gold on a dead server.

For all those mentioning the powder horn, it’s either been stealth nerfed or it’s bugged. I am no longer getting the animal horn back when salvaging. I burnt through 7 horns before i realised.

It had been working fine until a day or so ago.

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