Furnishing trade ETA?

Is there any ETA on being able to trade furnishings items again??? 2 weeks now I’m sitting on worthless trophy mats waiting to be able to get stuff made…

Not even a ETA has been put out.

Losing faith love the game just wanna be able to use all it has to offer




Yet another day and nothing on furniture.



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At least you have come to me with a realistic ETA :blush:

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Sorry Mario, But Our Princess is in Another Castle

@Luxendra any sort of information yet??? Been pretty quite and it’s getting worrisome don’t wanna see crucible 2.0

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I will return to RuneScape then :slight_smile: I didn’t join this mmo to play solo! I have a solo mmo in line already :joy:

SEE but I already helped them!! :frowning: I even pulled a stacked deck was all excited to use 10 days later it just sits waiting and Amazon devs can’t even give us an ETA like ahhh so depressing

Ill keep doing my chest runs and town boards I won’t quit I have a lot of fun! Definitely don’t wanna lose the game it’s great! Just want it working and for all my furnishing buddies to not feel like the skill they mastered is worthless!

If they’d at least let us put the furniture in the stash finally…….


I’ve had like 20 trophies ready to sell sitting in my inventory since they disabled it. Can’t put in storage, trade, nothin. I refuse to drop or salvage them. I need money and trophies aren’t cheap. Why is this taking so long to fix or at least give an update on. Some people have quit playing because they just can’t deal with the storage/weight issues. What a way to quit a game… because not enough storage and things weighing too much. Can’t trade.


And what of the oriental schematics they are being salvaged and disappearing too.

and we wait even longer :smiley:
bump Can we have a single ETA?

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I just spent a couple of weeks levelling furnishing myself and then crafting my own trophies. Not fun but no longer an issue for me.

But I already gave my buddy the supplies and coin to level him to that seems like a waste of time and in game money for me to level it too! :joy: I get where you are coming from! this is suppose to be a team MMO though I just ask for an ETA nothing to extreme but the silence AGS has shown is disheartening.

(I currently have my trophy’s I want upgrades to them so I would be required to get 150-200 for those trophies seems like a lot for something that should just be tradable)

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Another bump from me as well. Time is up AGS, give us back furniture trade!

Bump waiting and waiting when will it end :sweat_smile:


You are doing the Lord’s work my friend.

The Lord in question:

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