Furniture crafting is NOT worth it. Change my mind

I knew people would be doing the gear grind to get the best weapons and equipment, so I figured that the weapon/armourcrafting market would be fairly saturated, which it is. TONS of people have leveled up those crafts and have all seemingly been making buckets of gold from selling their wares.

I decided that I’d level up furniture crafting because I figured I wouldn’t be facing much competition, which is true. However, even being level 150+ (able to craft the next tier trophies and starmetal chests) the market for furniture is essentially non-existent. The special drops needed to craft the basic trophies - just purple-tier, not orange-tier - are super rare or listed for like 3-5k each, and when I said in chat that I would probably list the basic trophies for 4k because of this (and because of the grind to get to 150 furnishing), I was met with a lot of 'lol’s and 'ripoff’s.

The non-trophy/storage furniture itself doesn’t do ANYTHING, other than add housing points. But in a game that’s focused on inter-faction war or endgame pve content, who cares? Houses in this game are treated as storage/trophy boosters, and that’s it. Any gold/mats used to learn schematics and craft the nicer furnishings are metaphorically flushed down the toilet.

TL;DR: furniture crafting is useless and a waste of time/effort/mats to level, because no one cares about non-storage/trophy furniture and everyone thinks the upper-level chests/trophies are too expensive despite the price of their listed mats MAKING them that expensive.


The materials are also a pain to get in the required quantities.
Seems easier to just keep getting random overland drops until you have a furnished house. <.<

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People will begin to care more about furnishing their houses once their characters are close to optimal.


All crafting is useless in NWO. There is literally nothing worthwhile crafting, you can get everything you need from loot drops.
Best way to make money is selling raw materials.

Sure, but by that point there’s going to be a lot more furniture crafters who are at the same skill as me. It just bothers me that the way I chose to level my skills is apparently exactly the way to level them if you don’t want to make any money at all.

Many of the weapon/armourcrafters have had three houses for a while on our server; meanwhile I’m the best furniture crafter there and I can’t even afford a second house yet. I’m constantly hovering between 1-4k gold.

Yeah, sucks when an investment decision turns out to be terrible. I get it.

Literally the best armor, weapons and jewelry in-game are crafted, so that’s not particularly true.
Can you get decent drops too? Yes, but you’re not going to win a war with decent gear vs the best gear.

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I’m 51 and I still dont own a house.

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Like literally anything in this game is not worth it. Change my mind

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Crafting furniture is useless, because most normal players, you know the ones who only play a couple hours a night or so, don’t want a house because of the stupid tax system. Cost of home ownership in this game is horrible and is designed in a way that prevents a need or desire to keep. Make taxes monthly, reduce the taxes on homes considerably since they are weekly, or remove the taxes completely and furniture will be way more valuable.

I’m nearly 170 furnishing and yes, it seems fairly pointless from a money making perspective, but i think it was clear that the cosmetics would have lesser demand early on.

But the tier 2 trophy items are ridiculous. There’s only 1 item on my trade post (stacked deck) and it is listed for 10,000. I don’t think there would be any buyer for a t2 trophy that expensive, so even the trophies are pointless.

I disagree. I have made 95%+ of my coin by crafting and selling my crafted items.

Im also furnishing lvl 125 right now, it is and was a hard grind to lvl up this profession and it costs hell of money… and you dont get anything back from it. Chests and trophys are super cheap on my server, people are not willing to pay the price which furniture is worth. The materials are super expensive but no one wants to spend the money on interior right now. But i think when the time goes by people will do it. When they dont know what to do with their money they might get into cosmetics and if not… who cares… i have lots of fun. But i am missing all the epic and legendary items to craft some more… cant find them and if, they are above 5000 Gold. Same with the schematics…

Housing in an MMO can be a great thing if implemented correctly, more storage=good. Most games that offer housing actually do a pretty brisk business selling custom furniture designs an such in the shop. It usually has HUGE appeal to the RP type players and certain demographics of gamers. As implemented in NW, housing is just a massive gold sink with no benefit other than extra storage. Housing needs to be cheaper, better furnishings should result in cheaper upkeep, better territory standing and they could even implement an Animal Crossing type ratings system with leaderboards for people to compete for. They also need to implement company headquarters that can be purchased and outfitted with various bonus items and things like DPS test dummies and company only storage.


Well, not only that, but in a game like ESO, everyone’s on the same megaserver, so you can easily appeal to the RP / cosmetic crowd since everyone’s in the same place.

Here? If you’re on a server where 90% only care about war, it’s going to be a rough road for any furniture crafters, because most of them wouldn’t care about housing even AFTER they’ve geared up their characters.

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It will be worth it for a small window when the majority of the player bases starts buying houses.

I know of MANY people who arent buying houses until server transfers are done with. The crew I play with alone is 20 ish people and none will buy one until we are sure we are staying on our server or whatever is going on.

We just dont wanna chance it “in case” we arent able to take houses with us, even we apparently can, im not holding my breath. I wanna decorate REAL bad

… if everyone had the same attitude you do?

There would be nobody BUYING those materials.

Think about that for a moment.

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Yeah, I get that; I do trust that houses will transfer over though, because given how expensive they are - especially if full of rarer furnishings - if they didn’t I can see people going BANANAS about it.

Maybe because you were one of the first to craft the items, before the rest of us caught up with you.

Maybe at end game is possible to make money, but during levelling almost items are at rock bottom prices, due to the excess in offer vs demand.