Furniture Inventory Bug Unable to Move Items Out of Inv

Hello, So tonight i decided to move my furniture to a different shed in another town since i cant use them currently.

But not I have 80 pounds of furniture in my inventory that I can not move out of my inventory.

I can not Drop it or move it into the bank shed.

I have to live with this weight on my charactor’s inventory forever until its fixed.

Sad azoth travel is going to be 80 pounds harder now :frowning:

Please fix this tomorrow.

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Reason Why I can not move furniture item “Can not Drop Mission Items.”

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Same issue. I get that they were disabled due to the reported duping issues but we need to be able to at least drop stuff that cannot be salvaged. I did a single elite run and had furniture in my inventory before the patch and now im stuck with it until further notice.

Turning off the furniture items like lamps and dishes and stuff from chest loot would also be viable solution here

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a agree just remove it from the drop table until its fixed
i am just happy i didnt pull out 300 pounds of this useless material.

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Same problem, I decided to move my excess furniture from one town to another town where I dont use the storage much and I now have 200kg of shit that I cant get rid of.

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[Downtime] Enabling Wealth Transfers Worldwide 2:00 PM PT November 16th - #2 by Luxendra[housing decorations.]
Check this forum, it is intended for the current duplication of furniture bug. until issue resolved, you can’t get rid of it at least make sure u don’t encumbered bcoz of it.

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Same. Cannot decorate as “B” does not work inside house but “N” (pay taxes) sure still works and rather quickly too- funny eh. And cannot remove furniture from bag.

Not happy.

Same. PLZ fix.

still not working

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Even furniture looted can’t be removed from inventory. It won’t let me drop it or salvage it like they said we would be able to do in the other thread. It’s stuck in my inventory and I hope I don’t loot anymore.

This isn’t true what they posted

Players will be able to:

  • Salvage housing decorations
  • Put housing decorations in storage by picking up the furniture after its placed
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