Furniture Loot QOL Improvement

When a player gets a piece of furniture, or a furnishing schematic, as a reward from either Elite Chests, or Large Chests, There is no indication that a player has gotten lucky and has been rewarded with something really rare, or whether what they have acquired is salvagable junk.

This is because of two reasons:

  1. All schematics, regarless of how rare they are, are ‘uncommon’, or greens. Unless a player has intrinsic database knowledge of all the available schematics out there, they might not know that the carved statue of jupiter schematic they just received is incredibly rare and thus incredibly valuable.
  2. Many furniture item’s rarity labels (grey/green/blue/purple) are unrelated to how rare they are in reality (i.e. which loot table they can be found in).

A side effect of that is they player is denied the burst of excitement and enjoyment that usually follows getting an extremely rare/hard to acquire drop. They simply dont know that they got a good reward. If a player sees a green drop like Curved Grassy Rug - Item - New World Database they might not know that the odds of them even hitting the loot table that contains that rug is about 1 in 20000.


  1. All housing items and schematics in the ContainerFurnitureElite loot bucket should have a ForceRarity of 4 (set to “Legendary/Orange”) → these items are extremely rare, and players should at least get some sort of indicator that they have indeed, hit the jackpot.
  2. All housing items and schematics should be modified to match the rarity of the loot bucket they are in, with Rare/Purple corresponding to ContainerFurnitureRare, Blue/Epic Corresponding to ContainerFurnitureUncommon (and probably renaming that to be ContainerFurnitureEpic), Green/Uncommon corresponding to ContainerFurnitureCommon (and renaming that to be ContainerFurnitureUncommon)

This would not change the drop rate or rarity of any items, nor change the loot pools in any way. The only conseqence is that several Common furniture pieces would be promoted to Uncommon (green), but given that there is 5 rarities of items, yet only 4 loot bucket rarities for furniture, this would be a way to avoid trying to figure out what to do with blue furniture that has no bucket.

It would greatly serve to inform players how valuable the loot they just received actually is, and serve to make something that is already happening (getting extremely rare furniture drops), a more rewarding experience.


Wow, @Ryanaslett, thank you so much for your suggestions!

I will get your feedback passed along. :slight_smile:

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