Future content update?

How is new world handling their workload? The content drops last about 2 weeks and die off fast. We need multiple currencies, multiple dungeons, harder to get loot thats decent, some 10 man raids, and multiple different pvp modes or maps. Me and so many others want this game to pull through, but taking 1 month to drop a 30 min dungeon and a short event is putting a stain on the timeline. New world has burned through the non mmo players just like multiple mmo’s do, can we get some push to cater to the dedicated hardcore players now? we dont need ultra hd effects and hours of work making plants move the right way, we need content and something worth grinding for. Again I am a dedicated player and i want to see the game pull through, but im maxed out, i dont need anything from any dungeon, i dont need to grind the pvp track for gear, and I have spent the last two weeks just popping in for 10 minutes to craft asmodeum and other mats. Pass it along please More content > pretty graphics.


Game isn’t even a year old. No MMO released with years worth of content. If you can’t be patient you can certainly go play something else. That’d be much more productive than the whining you’re currently doing.


If you cant understand constructive criticism, then you can certainly google it. You dont have to defend the game here bro, im wanting the game to succeed and everyone knows you dont just hop between mmo’s.

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Sounds like a bunch of whining like I said.