Future for PVP content


Just want to start off by giving praise for the effort you have all put in to New World, keep up the great work!

Can you please let us know what future content you have planned for PVP and what time frame we can expect to see this?

Are we getting new OPR maps soon? (we have had the same map since release and it is kinda boring now to be honest).

Arena is ok but needs improving (Would be nice to see 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 in arenas)

New PVP modes (would be nice to have new PVP modes such as capture the flag, team deathmatch, one team defends a fort whilst the other attacks). I know they mentioned having wars as a game mode but I still feel we need more content.

PVE seems to be the focus for the game at the moment (and I have no issue with PVE content) but PVP seems to have been left behind and the lack of solid information on upcoming PVP content is a worry.

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i agree, pvp rewards need to be buffed as a whole

People always say the devs need to increase the pvp rewards. Its low for a very good reason. If everyone is super, no one is.

Well that’s what most of us pvp’ers prefer anyway. Even field yet dominate

As much as I would like to see new gamemodes added for PvP players, I think the current queue system should be addressed, it can already take a long time to find a queue depending on what gamemode you queue, and the time of day (for example 3’s as a premade group of 3 is dead during the daytime, and will not pop for over 30mins).

The devs need to prioritize the cross-server queueing system before they introduce new gamemodes, otherwise they will kill the other gamemodes queues with new gamemodes. But I agree more clarity about PvP content and better rewards are needed for the sake of maintaining the current playerbase.

This game was originally a PvP playground that transformed into the PvE MMO it is today, and it gained a lot of players in doing so. End-game would definitely be nice to have a wider variety of options for PvP content, but there needs to be more players avaliable for PvP for such a system to work, using cross-server queueing (could be limited to region type ie fresh start or legacy) would help with the required numbers for more gamemodes.

Not sure about buffing the rewards, but they should make it more rewarding to be ‘‘flaged’’.
Personally iam always flaged for PvP, i had been flagged even without the 10% xp buff, however iam a true PvP Nut, i fuckin breath PvP!
nothing is as satisfying as whoopin some PvE players who think they are ready to play in the big boy/girl league.
Its a true test of your own skill and a great boost for your confidence :slight_smile:
However most players dont know anything about PvP, they have no clue how to make a own personalized build, they just go for whats meta and let’s go!! … PvE :open_mouth:

Noone is gonna go out from their comfort zone and risk their ‘‘Alpha ego’’ at the same time for a 10% xp buff.
Thats why their bairly is any PvP during the levling phase, nor any world pvp later when you are 60