Future of mutated expeditions?

Even since beta I’ve been hoping for a dungeon system that would make it much more challenging and fun to play. Mutation is a nice try and do meet the challenging requirement, but it’s not very fun after a while and becomes static. The timing element of it is of course nice, so you always have something to achieve (a better time), but the rewards are kind of boring in my opinion.

A game that I believe do “dungeons” extremely well is Path of Exile. They have a system where you roll maps with a long list of different “attributes” to the map. The combined difficulty of the attributes then adds up to the reward you will be getting. In PoE that is an item quality and quantity increase %.

What would be cool is if mutation orbs could be modified with “magical attributes”. Stonecutting is in a bad spot in the game already as the orbs to the expeditions are so easy to get elsewhere, so crafting “magical attributes” to the mutation orbs to get better and/or different rewards maybe would be something fun.

Just a short list of attributes that could be added for everyone to get an understanding.

Common Attributes:
+10% dmg received Gives 1.5% luck increase
-10% dmg done Gives 1.5% luck increase
Healing received -10% Gives 1.5% luck increase
Normal monsters have 20% extra HP Gives 1.5% luck increase
Rare Attributes:
Named mobs have 20% extra HP and deal 30% extra dmg Gives 5% luck and 50% extra coins
Haunting Spirit - If you stand still longer than 2 seconds, a spirit will spawn and haunt your soul Gives 5% luck and 50% extra coins
Dedication - Only allows weapon in position 1 to be used Gives 5% luck and 50% extra coins
Epic Attributes:
The Corrupted Sword Boss X will wield the corrupted sword. Kill him without dying to loot it.
Consume less - Consumables don’t work in the expedition Gived 7.5% luck and change for the legendary item “endless potion” to drop
Less is more - The less enemies you kill – the higher % luck you have. Starting at 40% luck increase and loosing 2% per mob or boss
Legendary Attributes:
Rattlebones spawns inside the expedition Hunt him down to get 2x Rattlebones normal loot
Corrupted Bunny invasion - Kill all 25 bunnies. The more bunnies you kill, the stronger the mobs in the expedition hits (1% per Bunny) Corrupted bunny chest
Corrupted chicken invasion - Chicken will spawn next to a boss so you must kill him and boss at same time Get a Golden Chicken and the title “Finger Lickin’ Good”
The expedition becomes an invasion where you fight in a room or corridor against waves of enemies including the bosses from the Loot luck increased 15% and 200% extra coins

You could combine how many of the different unique attributes you want, but only one per unique attribute. The rewards would of course stack, but so would also the attributes (normally negative).

The attributes that could be added to the list if of course endless and it would also be a fun and easy way to build events around. For example, could you have either hunted bunnies in the open for the chest OR chased them in an expedition for the same reward.

Also, the rewards could be something complete different from the normal drops. You could have skins, emotes, titles, special items, coins etc. for completing the crafted orb. The players would want to collect the special rewards, I’m sure. And not only that, they also want to hunt down the materials to actually craft the attributes. Even more fun would be if a lot of the legendary attributes were linked to open world mobs and events, maybe even only drops if you are pvp flagged? Time to get some open world pvp going!

On top of this, they should make all expedition have a mutation version with max level mobs and bosses, but that is a given.

How much more attributed would you dare to add on the attribute “Consume less - Consumables don’t work in the expedition” in order to increase the drop % of the ““endless potion”?

If you like the idea, keep adding on the thread with your favourite attributes or comments on how to make the “system” even better.


The timed aspect is actually one of the worst features to me.

I feel like it discourages experimenting and enjoyment and instead places too much emphasis on playing to max efficiency and perfectly. The death counter already encourages paying attention; there’s no real reason to time everything as well. It leads to weird instances of skipping enemies, exploiting terrain and AI.

It also encourages toxic behavior because, obviously, nobody wants to waste their orbs and gold times seem to be expected these days.

Every damn game seems to go with timed trials for their dungeons, too. It gets old fast. Surely there’s some other metrics they could use.

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