Future problem for Dupe items

Dear Devs, as been mentioned on the title,

If there is another duped item on trading post in future, How the players can differentiate which items are dupe or not, even if the items are sold with normal price? such as raw items and etc.

Hope you can give explanation so people can avoid getting banned even for 1 day… Thank you

Just don’t buy 100 items for 0,01 gold usually sold at 40k.

but if the person are just sell it like normal market price? if 0.01 yes it could, but if its in normal price as same as other which it sell 0.37 for rawhide (my server) for 2378 unit (not 10000 unit) ? how can we avoid it?

Then you will not get banned.

You have to believe me as much as you have to believe people who claim they got banned for this.

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