Future suggestions to weapon skills / passives

I really love the current combat system and skills but I feel that many weapons don’t have enough variations on the build you can select. Usually there is only one or max two options and many times you need to also take passives which are not really useful for the build.

My suggestions how to improve this:

  1. Increase the amount of passives and make more these kind of linked passives like in healing
  • This would make it so that you cannot cherry pick as much and hopefully would end up in more variation
  1. Add armor weight based skills, this would make it so that you should think about your weight class and also skills together
  • This would add a bit more complexity and thought process how you want to run certain weapon

Also I feel that sometimes you would like to have some skill for only specific situations but you dont want to waste a skill point because it happens so rarely. Not sure if there would be sophisticated way to solve this.

Thoughts? Good or total garbage.

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