GA cannot be nerf again otherwise we will be experimenting an “Only range game” (GRAVITY WELL)

First of all, thanks for the amazing work that the entire Development team is putting to fix the game and for trying to give a better experience to everyone that still playing the game. My topic will be only focus about the new upcoming GA nerf to Gravity Well. In my opinion that will basically kill the entire experience to everyone that still playing melee. If you notice melee relay most of the time in that specific ability, and now changing that to where people can basically walkout the gravity is not a smart idea at all. GA is already balance, so there is not need to nerf it anymore. With the range change that happened 2 patch ago is good enough because make people that use GA to relay on their stamina, instead of just left clicking. I will even make my idea even stronger saying that there is soooo many abilities already able to make you escape from a Gravity Well. For that reason people like to complain than play smart when comes to hardcore pvp. Examples of those abilities if you are catch by a gravity well that will work against it in an efficient way:
Sword and Shield (Shield Bash/Leaping Strike)
Great Axe (Charge)
Rapier (Fleche/Evade/Reposte)
Fire Staff (Burn Out)
Life Staff (can basically heal himself inside the gravity)
Bow (Evade Shot)
War Hammer (Shockwave/Wrecking Ball)
Musket (Traps x3)
Hatchet (Feral Rush)
Ice Gauntlet (Entombed/Ice Shower)
Void Gauntlet (Scream)
Spear (Vault Kick/Sweep/Javelin)

All this abilities prevent you for getting stock in a Gravity Well. I am only referring as individual weapons, even though you can have two weapons. My opinion about this post is that people like to complain than play smart. If you play smart against people that use Gravity Well, you can easily get out of it. I am an experience pvper and to be honest all this abilities make gravity well no that efficient. Also, you need to know where you throw it too. You basically use it to catch people. Doing against again will make the game no fun specially for me that been using melee since the game launch. So, please reconsider this idea about nerfing the only ability that can actually work for only 3s. Don’t do the wrong thing and nerf it otherwise the game will suffer a huge increase of people quitting.


I am a dex user i main bow rapier. I think GA needs more buffs and the old grav well sucked enough to warrant a serious buff a new nerf to it is laughable. I am at the point of complaining a weapon is too easy to play against. The grav well should have been given a lingering slow to player after they leave for 3-5s for 50% move speed (balance testing required) and given a rend or some extra utility. The insatiable grav well perk doesn’t work as well, and seems tricky to make work anyways on the developer side.

The entire purpose is to catch players but the reality is it just uses up an ability cooldown from the enemy. Now it is useless and can be walked out of if you abilities are on cooldown anyways.


Nerfing GA will turn this into a VG/IG/LS slugfest. It’s terrible for the game. There are many ways to get out of gravity well.

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