GA is a mindset

Here i will tell my experience about GA mindset.
At first i used GA few times, when there was 4.5m lunge, i could basicly destroy anyone with it. I was so disgusted, that i never again used GA, because i felt guilty, that this is exploit, which harm others experience. Then VG came out, i was first time able to reliably kill melee GA players, with melee other than GA. GA users from my company started to call me cancer after few duels. They refused to do any more duels with me, and banished me from every pvp tournament for using VG. Ammount of toxicity i received from killed by VG OPR/open world GA users was so incredible, that it almost made me quit. No one wanted me at war, because meta at that time was GA/WH. It was basicly 10 mages, 30 GA/WH, 10 healers per war, however if there were more GA/WH players, mages would go out. Companies were forcing players to play GA/WH, in PVP and PVE. I had 1 hours talk on discord, simply because i didnt want to go with GA on war. Once i told on my company discord, that GA should be nerfed, i got threats to be kicked out of company, insults etc. I left company and joined other one, situation was basicly the same, you cant even tell anything wrong about GA. Thats why im without company, im sick of that broken weapon that always gets all the buffs, and never got nerfed. Once i asked some GA mains to duel with random weapons, that are not our main ones. Always same result, top GA player is incredible unskilled in any other weapon, and often i defeated them with 80% hp or more. Even after multiple tries.


It’s almost like the lead designer did GA and told no one to mess with it :joy:


Here’s your problem… If the Company I was in told me “Hey… This is how you’re going to play this game. Do it or else” well…

I’d tell them to (censored a REAL lot) :slight_smile:


Almost same here, my friend defends GA no matter how many arguments I give him explaining why the skill is broken (GW), he just replies: “in my gaming experience it doesn’t seem broken, it’s ok, ice shower that is broken”.
I always play wars for a friendly company and i only kept my wars slot cause I do so much damage in wars as mage but I didn’t see more than 5 mages on my team. And this friendly company is negative with me when I talk about how GA is broken, the best comment I’ve ever received was “GA is good like this, they have to buff other weapons to be like it” but when the other weapons were “good” GA players asked for nerfs.

yes the game is purely centered around the 1 weapon along with strength as a whole and they cry babies on the forums complaining because it legit a lift click close your eye weapon that takes no skill because half of them got 2 healers on a team of 5 with 3 running great axe because no one see that at all and how op it is along with the melee storm consuming abilities damage

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