GA is getting a root

haha VG nerfed rapier nerfed and GA getting a root time to switch to GA again finally melee pvp will be a bit more fun


u will nog get rooted if u get out of the well, which is very easy!

Except it wont be because another guy can just toss his right after.

Axe/ IG or VG will be the new meta - hammer is dead once you can dodge/block cancel.

Then just dodge/use ability out of his well aswell. The root is not instant, you will have plenty of time to get out.

You are out of stam or used your ability getting out of the first grav well…in a war these will be spammed for guaranteed kills.

Can devs please read comments like this and not just immediately do what the player is asking for?

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say that in a war with a bunch of experienced players. That 1 second root will be insta death. every war roster consists of mostly bruisers and they all run grav well and now they will ALL have a root too.

The entire war is going to be a root fest, and we thought vg was bad, this is 10x worse.

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I dont know what builds u are running but u will at least have 2 dodges and 1 escape ability, AT LEAST. If they keep throwing wells on u then they are just bad players.

if they do add rooting i hope it has a pretty neat arcane effect.

Pshhh, gaxe/fire staff for the grav well maelstrom incin 1v99

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