Game became too casual

I understand the new friendly approach but this time you couldnt weight it well and game become too casual firendly. If you are implementing such new features you need to add new end game dungeons or content for 620+ gear players.

who are left in game so far are grinders,hard core and no lifers. you may lose the last existing community to gain a small percentage of newcomers or casuals.

You need atleast 100-200h to reach max level as newbie.
You need 50+ h to get your gathering and refining professions to 200 (if there isn´t that much competition)
You need atleast 100h+ to get watermark and okayish gear.

Makes 300-400h playtime to be atleast viable for most activities.

Then you can think about better gear and reaching 625. This will take mostly a lot of time again.

So you get to the point where other players are atm after 500-600+h, not including the experience and gear/spec flexibility of 1000h players. I don´t think this is casual-friendly XD

I would like to see a further increase of the dungeon scaling and maybe new mechanics, but without getting higher gearscore and rewards should be titles/transmog and a still increasing umbral shard amount.

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