Game boring so - we need really PvP and economy system!

hi guys, i think the current pvp system is really boring. the thing I don’t like most is seeing the chest run at GM as a pvp mission, where no one attacks but just runs.
As far as the economy is concerned, it is literally useless and meaningless. let me explain well:
if the objects can be repaired, if you craft objects with completely meaningless statistics, objects picked to the collection or to the player, you do not lose the equipment when you die in pvp and consequently collected by the attacking player … the economy does not move, it stops!

  1. we need areas where forced pvp is enabled, these are the areas rich in T5 materials, where there are raids of bosses who drop legendary items (and not only in doungeons).
  2. the loss of equipment in these areas.
  3. the impossibility of repairing the equipment indefinitely.
  4. eliminate the collection or crafting of nonsense items that useless skills, we are not playing diablo or lost ark!

Possible needed improvements:

  • Expertise could be changed into a Buff that gave + 30% drop rate for 590+ GS items at 600 Expertise. Incentive or those hardcores that want the grind (yes many people like the grind in NW)

  • Remove the GS Cap for fresh lev 60s (meaning: they can get drops up to 600 GS Legendaries too but at -30% drop rate. Or maybe that’s unneeded with all the 500-600 GS drops in the table that could also serve as extra bumps.

  • Allow expertise bumps from salvaging and Crafting high GS items. And remove time-gating for casts. (let people farm) or perhaps add some diminish returns.

  • Remove the downscaling for fresh lev 60s (meaning: they can just buy 600 GS items again and not having their stats nerfed.

  • Allow upgrading items from 500 GS up to 600 costing Umbral shards and T5 crafting matts like Orichalcum ingots. And remove 600 GS restriction to upgrade, just make it ‘easier’ to do with higher GS to incentivize progress but not wall it.

  • Sell temporary 599 GS Gear in the faction shop with Tokens (Items that expire in 7 days, or with durability that runs out after x repairs, or repairable max dura with T5 crafting mats. to provide a little open world incentive and keeping material demand.

  • For crafting: Separate PvE Perks from the rest and either let people chose a Perk Pool when crafting, add materials to increase chance of getting desired Perk or let people add 3 more PvE Perks. (RNG Crafting is worse than enhancing in Lost Ark)

  • Allow upgrade PvE Perks with Umbrals and Mods. Either allow to ‘insert’ pve perks into gear or with extra 3 more rolls when crafting. 6 Perks would allow more min-maxing while still not affect PvP.

  • Remove 600-625 GS upgrades. If Ags wants a 700 GS item, introduce other superior materials. (T6) (If needed as incentive for progress in PvP, allow upgradable PvP Perks such as [Resilience] and new pvp dmg perks, with things farmable in PvP + umbrals.

  • Allow Mutations to scale off corruption and Blight mechanics rather than GS. Giving newbies a chance to prepare and not get discriminated based on their GS. (like needing 500 corruption ress for M10 or you need a healer on you 24/7)

PvP isn’t bringing anyone back. The Arenas patch proved that. PvE is what’s going to actually make a difference in player numbers rising or falling. They need to focus heavily on the PvE aspect of the game for the rest of the season.


With out that bis dont have price.

Even bis equipment all lost thier price if not following trend

To fix economy there must be a way to remove some gold. If u constantly generate more and more gold, prices will just rise more and more.

The only viable option would be to remove trading fee to go in company storage. Those money from trading fee to be the way to remove the ‘extra’ gold generated and keep prices decent.
Now we have ppl who sell items for 1.6 mil gold, while we can store 500k gold (i know about asmo ingots as money for extra 1.1 mil gold).

PS: Trading fee is exploited by crafters from companies that hold a territory. They put for sell item for crazy price like 300k-500k, but all the fees they pay for add item for sell they take back from company storage. If they dont sell, they lose nothing while others who are not members of a company that hold a territory are losing the money paid for adding items on trade market.

Option 3 has been in Conqueror Blade Online and even they gave up on it.
Imagine the forum after ppl pay 300k-1.6mil gold for a piece of armor and after xyz number of fights they lose gear cuz cant repair it. xD

While i agree (even though i mainly pvp) what’s lacking from arenas is leaderboards.

A compettive environment is whats creates this addictive requirement to keep going.
“The wolf climbing the hill, is hungrier than the wolf on top of the hill”

Example of this is the pvp track. People wanted the starmetal title so bad they would mindlessly run GC quests non stop.

Currently arenas are just participation rewards, a gold star for your effort.
And if people ran arenas as much as they ran those 3 stupid GC quests then arenas would hace been a success.

But AGS doesnt seem to recognize that rewards were the incentive.
Give a dog a treat and they will repeat.

Leader boards don’t matter if it’s pre-mades pub stomping. There needs to be separate modes.

The current PvP system is what drove everyone away. The game shifted gears and was leading on this game is a mmopg on release. PvP was kind of sidelined. Then they decided to go back to pvp focus including pvp only buffs that non flagged people didn’t get for luck. Do to cheats and Real Money Trade RMT people were leaving at half-life rates to the totat population numbers.

Pvp drove your player base away, there isnt a pvp player base to reclaim. Most the people that bought and left don’t pvp or care about pvp. At best we would do it as a mini game if nothing at all was left to do.(but only once cause getting grieved isn’t fun)

Oh, and raising expertise for those that did the grind just to make more to do was an error. Why? Because, there was nothing else to do, you just increased the grind and removed fun.

I think it’s more of the Lack of PvP content and competition. The PvP in this game is a lot of fun if you find a weapon you love. People are weird now days though and would rather kill NPC’s than compete with actual players so who knows.

You are competing with other players gear and itemization in New World. Mainstream PvPers find that incredibly boring. Might as well being playing a tabletop at that point. We want to PvP in an action combat game for a reason.

The majority of PvPers are back in other games and MMOs. Where it’s more so skill and less so 750+ hour PvE gear grind that decides a fight. The fact that you people refuse to acknowledge this is beyond me. All the proof I need is only the Top 10 most played games on Steam Steamcharts.

I’d say they don’t still stream here because the casual doesn’t watch it much. As for gear truthfully you don’t need to be BiS’d out to compete on this game. It isn’t hard to get umbrals and 625 the Purp gear and compete. I understand the having to grind aspect but if they played from the start they easily would’ve had 590+ purp gear with good stats before the swap over. Not to mention it didn’t take me anywhere near 750+ hours to grind my 600 expertise, you just have to be efficient and that’s coming from someone who normally only PvP’s.

I have nothing else to say about all that. Other than vertical PvE gear based PvP scenes are extremely niche. While horizontal PvP scenes are extremely popular.

PvPers want to PvP. Not have to spend immense amount of hours PvE grinding boring content at that. Just to be a factor in PvP.

If you want to find PvPers. You are going to have to play the games that PvPers plays. The games that PvP centric are normally some of the highest played games. So saying that

is completely false. When there are more gamers playing PvP centric games than there are playing anything else combined.

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I have plenty of PvP players on my server, It’s also competitive so I’m unsure what your experience has been. The grind is ez mode grind and isn’t the slightest bit difficult. I complained a lot about it when it first happened because the game should’ve started with the expertise system.

We told them 3v3 wasnt the right way to go.

5v5 or varying team sizes, what we really wanted was ranked.

At the end of the day though whats really gonna make NW sink or swim is the war system.

If its more accessible, people will start coming back.

If not, ggs next game.

People can not get a PvP queue to pop to save their lives

That sums up the PvP interest on my server.

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