Game breaker bug

Stamina damage bug (tower shield)
As of the last update, ALL melee weapons are dealing almost double stamina damage when blocking a HEAVY attack. Before, if you had all the passives and perks that increase blocking efficiency, a fully charged warhammer attack from someone with 300 strength would take away 50 stamina, now it takes almost NINETY (86)! The same is true against other melee weapons, however varying the stamina consumed values, but all of them almost doubled the stamina consumption caused.
This is an extremely serious bug for the tank, because if we already thought we had little ability to block attacks, now then, it got even worse.


This is being reviewed!

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Yes, we got squishy tanks with the patch.
But now people in light/med get another free dodge and 50% fortify.

They are removing tanks from the game.


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