GAME BREAKING Deleted Campfire Recall error

  • Zen Path - LVL 32 - Guild > Perla Nera
  • Italian server Jothuneim.
  • Before confront the elite in the cave I’ve registred myself in a random campfire of a player outside the cave.
  • The boss killed me so I recall at the campfire. The other player remove from the game his campire for change the positionig of it. So I respawned dead in the cave. I can chat with other players that can see me but cannot interact with me (can’t resurrect, cause pg is dead-alive in a limbo 0 hp, dead but can speak), I can press all buttons, except TAB and switch weapons (cause pg is dead-alive in a limbo). As the image can show I can’t unstuck cause I’m dead, can’t go to an inn cause I’m dead ,the Elite bear can’t re-kill me cause I’m already dead. I need a RESURRECT from a GM. I can’t go offline or the next login will be impossible. Other players with the same issue say that if I log out I can’t login anymore with this pg because the last save is a pg dead. The live chat doesn’t work. Please help me I have heard a lot of people that re-create their pg after this because there where no solution to this kind of bug. A bug already present in alpha 1, alpha 2, closed beta, open beta, and sadly still in the game after the release of the official version.
    The solution for un-bug this was simply close and reopen client.

You shouldn’t be able to put a campfire in the cave at all. This is caused by the landmark area only covering half of the cave, which is a bug.

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