Game Breaking Inventory / Storage / Refining / Crafting management

Please read the rest of the post. The HUGE issue with attempting to craft but crafting stations arent detecting whats in your storage is a game breaking issue. Items not stacking is a problem too, but the crafting bug is detrimental.


Hope they fix the pulling from storage soon… I am trying to get my refinement stuff to 200,


This is not a stacking issue problem. Take a look at my screenshot, and you’ll see that it show my storage being full, with absolutely nothing in it.


My guess is that any gear or weapon that you owned prior to the patch was flagged unique so that it did not lose its GS effectiveness. Now that has put many storage over the limit.

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sorry for clownin
yeah bit of laundry list of storage/inventory stuff

-“Storage is full” displaying full when not (personally I can still use my storage with the msg there)
-Stuff not stacking as intended and in turn counting towards unique item counts
-inability to craft from storage

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Not a stacking issue but it seems more like a release before ready issue.


I don’t think that is the problem. I pulled out every stack I had that was over 500 from my storage. It still reported as full even though it was 1k less than the max storage it could hold.

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Sorry if I did not make myself clear. I meant that the issue with the stacking makes it more likely to trigger the 500 unique items limit. We are working on a fix for items not stacking properly and other possible issues. Thank you for your patience.


Again thats not the main issue. The main issue is that you can not pull items from your storage for crafting or refining. But thank you for working on a fix!

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Decorating your house does not pull items from storage either. Also the trading post does not accurately display how many items you already have in the “Owned” column as it is not counting any items in storage.


With how much I already juggle to deal with the max unique item limit in my main town storages, I’d have to agree this makes the game unplayable for me. I spend far too much time already juggling things in and out to deal with the unique item cap, now my stacks are being split into multiple unique items taking up multiple slots. It honestly looks like you do zero testing ON ANY SYSTEM COMPARABLE TO ACTUAL LIVE SERVERS , if you did we wouldn’t get a handful of bugs discovered in under 5 minutes in game with a new patch.


No, the players are not making themselves clear. If you can print a known issues list this long right as the servers come back up, you already knew that this January Update should have occurred in February or whenever you could produce a semi-quality product Known Issues - January Monthly Release 2022 - Bug Reports / Bug Reports - New World Forums


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@FinF We have a testing thread going on over here (was 1st thread I found this morning 2 hard to move all these screen shots now :smiley: ) if you’re able to take a look:

For strange things that are occurring with the double stacks on the AH hoping there is some helpful information that can be passed on.

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Especially a lot of the known issues are new bugs from this new patch!!!

Are you guys actually using the PTR? What is the point of a test realm if there is a laundry list of new bugs every time you roll out a patch? Get your house in order


Same issue here

What is your character name in New World: Helplessss
What server/world did you experience your issue on: Vega

it’s all that AGS bs that you’re stacking in the storage. I see 500 Unique pieces of air.

Can you please get a real QA process? Do your QA not run various checklists before content is released and before they provide sign-off? Was storage and crafting not tested before releasing this content? Why not? Is someone being held responsible? Are you learning from your amateur development failures?
This is absolutely game-breaking and should be hotfixed immediately. Why is there NEVER a sense of urgency from this company? You’re so bad at developing video games it hurts ffs…


To solve this issue so that everyone can settle this issue before we wait for AGS to do anything, dragging the duplicated items out to your inventory, placing them on the ground will stack up the items for you and you can save the space again. But one thing for sure, separating crafting items or wanting to buy/sell an item at trading post from inventory and storage shed is one of the most stupid thing AGS has done as well. I can’t even fathom whose dumb shit idea was it to implement it. My goodness that is AIDS. Please fix your brain, before you proceed to fix the game. P/s. You can’t even sell some items because it says insufficient items when clearly that is the exact amount of item which you’re holding.