Game Breaking Inventory / Storage / Refining / Crafting management

Especially a lot of the known issues are new bugs from this new patch!!!

Are you guys actually using the PTR? What is the point of a test realm if there is a laundry list of new bugs every time you roll out a patch? Get your house in order


Same issue here

What is your character name in New World: Helplessss
What server/world did you experience your issue on: Vega

it’s all that AGS bs that you’re stacking in the storage. I see 500 Unique pieces of air.

Can you please get a real QA process? Do your QA not run various checklists before content is released and before they provide sign-off? Was storage and crafting not tested before releasing this content? Why not? Is someone being held responsible? Are you learning from your amateur development failures?
This is absolutely game-breaking and should be hotfixed immediately. Why is there NEVER a sense of urgency from this company? You’re so bad at developing video games it hurts ffs…


To solve this issue so that everyone can settle this issue before we wait for AGS to do anything, dragging the duplicated items out to your inventory, placing them on the ground will stack up the items for you and you can save the space again. But one thing for sure, separating crafting items or wanting to buy/sell an item at trading post from inventory and storage shed is one of the most stupid thing AGS has done as well. I can’t even fathom whose dumb shit idea was it to implement it. My goodness that is AIDS. Please fix your brain, before you proceed to fix the game. P/s. You can’t even sell some items because it says insufficient items when clearly that is the exact amount of item which you’re holding.

Same issues here with storage simply not behaving, abberant stacking, unable to craft unless i pull my reagents from storage - as this is the thing I do most in game - this means game is basically not really playable for me until it is fixed. fingers crossed this is soon…

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What server/world did you experience your issue on: Muspelheim

Ratfarts, game is unplayable now. No crafting, storage problems… ugh

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I can only assume that they are using PTR to test new content. I’m also assuming that the PTR is a clean build of the environment, where our production servers are not.

I’d think that they’d be doing their QA on a replicated/cloned production server(s), in an isolated environment. But maybe this isn’t feasible?

I think this is why people believe that that AG is applying shadow patches to the environment. If they’re not seeing these issues in PTR, then PTR is not a great place to be testing updates, and feature releases.


My theory is that this one is because they didn’t test the feature that distinguishes between prepatch and postpatch equipable items. And nonequipable items are being handled by same system. All our Prepatch gear remains at its gearscore (GS) grandfathered in new items acquired respect Expertise and scale down. The PTR was created with everything respecting Expertise. I don’t think it was tested to see how non Expertise respecting items would interact with expertise respecting items :person_shrugging:, but that’s just a theory.

I have a post with some testing of various item sale conditions I mentioned above (I’ll plug it here again :smiley: )

Clearly their current methods are insufficient and its almost certainly a reason player numbers continue to drop.


My question is why this kind of feature was added without information and testing… did any1 saw this on PRT notes and tests?

This is so broken now… Can’t even store anything in inventory cuz of stacking problems…

WORKAROUND: we can use STORE ALL or TAKE ALL from each category to combine them all.


uninstall button is a lot fewer clicks tho…

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@Nite well that’s nice to know! Thanks! Though that still could cause problems when putting stuff in storage, its nice to know you found a work around for the stacking issue.


Not being able to craft from town storage makes the game basically unplayable from my point of view. First time I’ve felt like giving up on the game completely. From the small number of people around the stations in the big cities this evening it seems I’m not alone either.


not only this, try sell something…

Not being able to craft from storage is absolutely game breaking for me. There’s no way I have the time or the motivation to check each recipe and pull them from storage. If this isn’t fixed soon I’m done. I was looking forward to furthering some crafting this evening but I won’t play again until this if fixed.


I just want to say that was 3 weeks in PTR… when I looked at Know bugs… I’m shocked… rly. For me, I’m scared to play…