Game Breaking Inventory / Storage / Refining / Crafting management

Same issues. If I don’t have it in the inventory, it won’t pull from storage. Stacking issue as well.

I agree. This is huge to us for many reasons. I hope this is a bug and not intended. If intended then why? if this a fix for an exploit find another solution. I have often commented the ability to use your storage at a crafting station is one of the best features of this MMO. Believe me I have played countless hours on many MMOS over the past 30 years.

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Supposedly , it was working fine in the PTR server with no issues. This makes me question How the health they are doing the fixes merge to the Production server and QA. for things to break between PTR and Production is a fricking nightmare. I would of been fired from my job a while ago. Items in storage prom pre Jan patch are different from the items after patch? Huh? why? it should of been a script to update the DB fields to add whatever to existing items with verification to make sure they were both equal and treated the same. Granted they added a few items to be part of inventory and tradable but that should not of broken the allowance to take Tier 4 and 5 items form Storage instead of having to put them in your pockets to craft.

This was either a huge oversight once again or a major blunder on the DB Admin team. They do have a DB Admin team right to keep the developers under control for production mishaps? (rhetorical) I pray there is an emergency bug fix this morning but that didnt happen. Lets hope it is ASAP cause it is making it a nightmare for us Crafters.

patience? Since day ONE there has been un resolved issues… All you and other Devs are doing is breaking the game more… How do you not test this before hand? and… if you did… who ever tested it should be Fired if they ok’d something with issues like this… The Crafting issue is a HUGE disappointment… not even considering the tax Nonsense… How about you Devs actually LISTEN/READ/UNDERSTAND what the PLAYERs are telling you all whats wrong… how to fix tax issue, make a simple base line in game house tax. boom done… In fact… Just revert the damn update, fix it and move on… at this rate, you’ll screw it up to the point Server wipes will be needed to cover up the mess… Real Shame because the game COULD have been really solid…

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its the fall of world of warcraft with a fallout 76 tumor stuck on this upper lip

Agreed. This crafting/inventory issue is beyond brutal. Probably one of the worst bugs that could have happened. I honestly can’t believe this made it past quality control.

I will be a tester. This is my official inquiry for employment. Hit me up, Amazon. Then I can play 10 hours a day and have an actual excuse when the wife starts giving me crap. “I’m working here, baby. The community depends on me.”

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The joke was the person had nothing in their storage at all.

What about the other 266 issues?

“Thank you for your patience and understanding”? Well, sorry to tell you, but patience is in a seriously short supply right now and, as for understanding… sorry, but no. How could you have missed this in PTR and, if it didn’t occur in PTR then is your testing even fit for purpose? With crafting being about the only enjoyable thing left in the game, I now find myself in the position of it being pointless to even log in until this is sorted…

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Just roll back the update at this point AGS, There are so many issues that they are probably not all gonna get fixed anyway. Just roll back, figure out the issues then roll it out again when its “polished”. AGS just likes to make people angry at this point lol.


Let’s see this game in a few years later? Maybe we can play without annoying buggs? Or just need to look for another game? I like this game but hard to play when every time tons of buggs and annoying things are there… :confused:

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This wasnt a bug on the PTR, what is happening is that they are adding additional untested changes without rolling them to the PTR first. Roll the PTR over and over until you nail the patch, testing new code in production just isn’t acceptable.

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the language about pulling mats from inventory first and then storage still existing in the crafting UI informs it is not intended. unless the text being there is a bug too.

TIP for anyone it may help: if u drop and pick up junk that wont stack you can force it to stack atm

This is not what is happening, QA tester here, this is a value progression bug that happens from build incrementing.

Build verification is usually the first step in the QA cycle. If you test a cold build aka fresh build then these kinds of issues won’t happen.

A hot build test will catch these. It’s a very common mistake by dev teams to not do build validation. The QA team usually will, if it’s in house QA they might also only cold test.

Give them some time and they will start to do hot PTR testing.

AGS: We have a list of 260+ known bugs, but lets release new content (mutations) and introduce some more bugs - This will get players back into the game > NOT

Feels like you guys literally want to drive players away. Whats next, P2W items in the store?
And yeah, the dungeons are way harder for melee players (I’m one of them) as bosses hit you cast on you all the time even though they are facing a different way; on top of that, I’ve seen ppl move all over the place when attacking the bosses or the goo piles in Genesis (you end up over the pile or in front of the boss, fun!!!)
I’ve slowly started playing less, and these new blockers are not helping.

I cant sell anything on TP, storage is full (actually full, no space cuz its too tittle), every other recall fails, jumpy mobs just jump/run 10km away from you and you have to chase them across half the map/dungeon, Invasion Skulls spawn on top of eachother and laser you forever,
now items started getting split themselves and take up a ton of the screen. Where does it end?

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I think I have the same problem with the stacking issue and we all have the problem with the full storage and item duplications. As a gatherer I confirm, it’s impossible to play with this bug.

The storage and TP bug still persists - doesn’t seem anything has changed after yesterday’s downtime. Thanks guys, can’t be bothered running nearly fully encumbered with no ability to put my stuff into storage, and so paying A LOT for travel using Azoth - which you said is gonna be greatly reduced.

Yes I am still getting “storage full” message after yesterday’s maintenance. WTF?

Did you tried guys to repair the files from steam ?

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