Game Breaking Issues with the TP an Crafting

I have been playing NW for about two months now and recent Issues with both the Trading Post & Crafting stations have TOTALLY made the game not fun, at all!! I play on THREE different regions, because I have friends that play on them. On AP Southeast> Kabatakan; US East> Deipmias & Ydalir; as well as US West> Iardanes. On my time gaming on these, one problem that I have in common with all of them, is the almost impossibility of using the Trading Post or Crafting to any vast extent.

For Example, just yesterday on Iardanes, my character Sarnia, tried to sell a Satchel on the TP in Windsward, it took OVER 100 clicks, between the ESC key and the ā€œā€Eā€ key just to sell this one item. The issues that arises is that once I try to hit E to access the, it will either; kick me immediately out back to the default screen OR the TP screen flashes and resets back to the Home page for it OR actually open my Inventory screen just as if I had hit the TAB key. If a try to go ahead when these refreshes happen, the game will pop up a message saying that the Item is on a different TP.

Similar issues plague the various Crafting Tables as well, where I can not craft on the first time ever!! It takes anywhere between 2 and 20 times before I am able to craft one single thing! Again, like the TP issues above, it just kicks me out and my character turns around, behind the crafting window, like somehow the TAB key was pressed. At that point if I try to craft something, it will say that there was a crafting error.

Just between these two issues I have no clue why I am even still playing this game, I must be some sort of NW Masochist, a New Breed of gamer that like to punish themselves!

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