Game breaking Que bug

Hello, my character is stuck in a sepperate q and i cannot join the game anymore. I was doing a fishing quest in the starting area and logged out there, and eversince when im trying to join the server, which usually has a Queue of about 2000-3000 people, i get in a diffrent Queue saying “You are joining as a new player” instead of the usual “You are joining the open world” and also the Queue numbers dont match my friends, i always start in a Queue number from 10-50 eventhough the server im playing on has a way higher Queue. I think im locked in some kind of diffrent Instance and stuck here, the Queue does not move at all after hours and nothing happens.
Please fix this asap, im not complaining about long waiting times, im complaining about not being able to play, and since we are a huge clan of friends i will not change servers.

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