GAME BREAKING WAR EXPLOIT - make your entire army invulnerable

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  • What is your character name in New World: DaddyMBP
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: themyscara

There’s currently a game breaking exploit during wars where you can force the server to desync you and your entire army so badly that your character and entire army become invulnerable. The below link is from the side of syndicate who loses their territory due to the marauder force purposely abusing this bug. This was an issue in mid alpha 3, but Amazon did some work to fix it. The issue is back.

Not savy with the grabbing clips, but please go to the 6 hour 45 minute mark approximately.

Let me address a few things. I am a leader of a marauder guild on this server. Our company owns a territory and I love the war aspect. We’re 2 and 0 in our wars, but I don’t want cheating assholes like this marauder force on my server -

This makes you take no cannon damage while standing on point like this. There were multiple wars happening during this night. None of the wars before or after this one had any lag issues.

  1. The leader of the marauder group was dumb enough to say over and over again lag them, lag them, lag them out repeatedly on a recorded stream.

  2. You can literally see at 6 hour 45 minute mark the marauder force standing on the first point looking like statues completely desynced from the server. Knock backs don’t register, there’s no weapon swings from the marauder players, their life bars are absolutely frozen, and standing there ignoring everything as they kill the syndicate forces with no attacks / nothing being used. CANNONS DOING ZERO DAMAGE.

  3. Immidiately following the capture of the point - notice how the entire marauder army resyncs back up with the server, but soon as they get to the next point they’re immidiately back to being statues again.

  4. Watch them trying to capture the 3rd point. Notice how a few of them start dying? But then when the majority get to the point they’re able to recreate it a 3rd time on demand like that? This is one of the periods where the marauder leader is yelling lag them, lag them, lag them out on stream.

  5. After they capture the the 3rd outer point you can hear syndicate saying the lag is clearing up which mirrors identically to how the lag clears up / marauder forces re-synched to the server in btwn the capturing of the other points.

  6. This bug / exploit is 100% repeatable on demand during wars and the marauder guild in question completely abused it above then bragged in global chat about it.

If an Amazon representative would like names and guilds then please private message me. If something isn’t done about this then very shortly this will be the new meta and how wars go.


That’s some great guild leadership, asking the good questions and willing to do better as a team, i’m impressed.
I wish i was on this server now ahah.

As for the ̶b̶u̶g̶ exploit itself, i don’t know how it works exactly but it is really game breaking.


Hope this gets the attention it needs


They’re called heals.


Aside from LAG, which everyone had, you just got out strat’d. That’s not abuse lol


@3:35 “Make 'em lag, make 'em lag, make 'em lag”


also had a guild using that shit on us in a war yesterday!

found them Streaming

you definitly see that the defender side (US) are not moving but the attackers can run around free.


lmao, there’s no abuse. They were throwing aoe’s, so many aoes. If you lag out that’s between you and Amazon. Even Synd was telling everyone to get on the points.


You can clearly see health bars going down and people getting knocked back by siege. It’s a server-side issue and not some cheap attempt to cheese a win. We were lagging just as hard as the opposing force.


yeah ofc they try to make them lag thats the point of the abuse!!!


We’ll let the devs and mods do what they think is necessary based off the evidence provided. Arguing is going to do absolutely nothing.

A typical weak response. Blame Amazon and don’t take any personal responsibility. It is abusing game mechanics period.


Oh gosh good Sirs, we appear to be lagging everyone out by gathering our magics and people on the point in an attempt to gain entry into the fort! Let us back away so as to not further impede their gameplay. I do hope they do the same as to not impede ours.

My oh my.

Syndicate caused lag just as much as Mauraders did. But, sure, blame the other team without taking any responsibility for their own contribution. This is funny.

Your responses completely ignore the video-recorded evidence of a guild leader yelling on twitch to explicitly “lag” the other team as a method of waging war. Stop being obtuse.


I mean saying AOEs make them lag sounds doesn’t sound like a bug abuse. More like a misinterpretation of what they are meaning. Any AOEs they do will effect both sides that have to render them…NOW if they have particles and settings set low and are smart like most people should be they will lag less. This isn’t more of a bug abuse but them being smart. You never gone into a WoW Raid with maxed setting that you normally can play with but in a 30 man all of a sudden you have issues rendering? I feel this might be the same thing. Amazon should be able to at least investigate this and do a deeper dive and see more data and make a better assumption. I will say the no damage and the guys frozen is odd and makes me wonder.


While it was dumb he said “lag them out”, a hundred people stacking on point spamming AoE heals to keep their teams alive and spamming AoE damage to kill their opponents which results in lag is not a player problem. Both sides want to win so both sides will be doing that.

This comes down to the developers needing to find a way to optimize the game so the servers can handle all of the information happening at once.


Marauders hit more, blocked more, healed more and simply smashed down the Syndicate gates. You lost and now your crying cheat. Sad. There’s videos of the offensive on YouTube and posted on Reddit already. There was lag, but no exploiting. Man up, take the loss and do better next time.


I didn’t cast blame to either side. I understand the lag is a Amazon issue, but defending using it as a strategy is what i am calling out.


@Harrier65 Reading comprehension seems to elude you I’m guessing? I stated very clearly that I’m a marauder and my marauder guild has not lost. They are marauders too. You need to pace yourself and read slower please.