GAME BREAKING WAR EXPLOIT - make your entire army invulnerable

As someone who participated in 3 wars within hours prior to this one, it was pretty apparent that they ‘tried’ to do something to uneven the playing field.

The fact that it worked, is just sad on their part, and needs to be addressed by AGS.
1 out of 4 total wars for the day, and only that one, with their leader yelling ‘Lag them out’ is the only war that seemed to have issues?

Win or lose, I enjoy playing the game and don’t stress over the results. Though, it’s frustrating to see that other people need to resort to lower tactics in order to gain territory.


regardless of the fact he said “lag them out” grouping on the point with aoe dmg and heals is an effective strategy and they probably win that wether or not lag is involved that was alot of heals

My bad, your tone was so Syndicate that I thought you had just mistyped it.

There was no exploit - just server lag. The video I posted up clearly show me taking plenty of damage and getting knocked around by cannon fire while hunkered down on the 3rd point. It will get better as they optimize server performance, but until then maybe chill out with the finger pointing exploit accusations. AOEs caused lag, but AOEs are absolutely the only way to take a point.

Next time, just do a /bugreport. No drama, and you don’t come across as a nark.

It amazes me how people can be this obtuse. Over 20 messages on a big exploit in the only high end this mmo has to offer, half of them are in favor of the exploit.

Doesnt matter how doest it happen, it shouldnt happen period. Doesnt matter if its on AGS for performance server wise or client graphic saturation, it doesnt even matter that theres somebody shouting lag them out.

The fact is that this is like running a race and tieing your opponent shoelaces. It is not a smart thing to do as some has suggested. It is intentionally being malicious and unfair.

Surely you can advocate many people do this unintentionally, you could even go as far as not blaming them; the same way you could comperhend people walking into a wall to avoid 10k queues while eating or whatever came by.

However, the fact that this is an explloit shouldnt be up to a debate. Let AGS fix this how they see propper; but really, saying this is just players being smart or that its just a strategy is just disingenuous.


Can someone specifically say what causes this lag exploit? Is it just pulling BIG numbers in damage, healing, and damage mitigation ON TOP of a CONTROL point? What can we do to avoid that in the future? We could have a server treaty signed to make sure we send only 15 to each point for a 15v15 match. No siege equipment allowed. The last 5 on each team can be shoutcasters, cameraman/camerawoman, and sideline reporters.

There is no exploit. 100 people fighting at one spot spamming aoe heals/damage is lag, not an exploit.

Agreed it shouldn’t happen, but that is not a player issue. It is a game/server optimization issue that is out of the players hand.

Players can’t fix it. Both sides want to win, both sides need to AoE heal themselves and AoE kill the enemies in order to do so.

There shouldn’t be a debate to what is clearly lag and not an exploit.


I figured that is the only logical explanation. Instead, this looks more like a witch hunt post and hopefully people know the difference between exploitation and unavoidable lag.


It was planned from the start to exploit this bug. The territory control should be reverted back to Syndicate and a new war be initiated if the bug is actually fixed as stated in the patch notes. Let the results after that stand.


Yeah this is just pure stupidity. You weren’t there for the pre-game strat calling. The strat was solid. We ended up failing an important part of the strat which was hilarious when pointed out but it wasn’t needed apparently. Don’t throw blame without proof. That’s how you label yourself an idiot.


“Lag em out, lag em out”

LOL how are you defending that this wasn’t on purpose to abuse an issue after hearing that?

“You just got out strat’d”
Marauders are posting the evidence and don’t agree with your methods. Even the person streaming it, you can hear how uncomfortable he is about what’s going on once he realized the company is exploiting.


Unless there is a specific bug in the game that can cause massive lag there was nothing for him to abuse.

Doesn’t matter he said “lag them out”. The lag was going to happen regardless with that many people stacked all spamming AoE. The issue is out of the player’s control.

Are you expecting no one participate in war and try to win? Cause the only way for there to not be lag atm is for no one to play.

Exactly! If they thought they won fair and square, from how quickly they won then they wouldn’t be afraid to do it again and agree to what I said about reverting the control back to the Syndicate company and having the war again. But they won’t since the devs said they fixed the exploit.

The lag was happening on the previous 2 points. He probably just didn’t notice since tanks just have to block so they don’t move anyways haha

“Out of their control”

He wanted to “lag em out”. He had control of the call outs and constructed the scenario to create the outcome that he wanted.

Three times.


Do you not know how attacking works? You have to capture the points and the more people standing on the point the higher your chances are of capturing it. If all 50 of the attackers are on point then all 50 of the defenders need to also be on point in order for them to not gain progress.

The only way to “control” it would be to not try and capture the point and no attackers would win wars.

Wow thanks so much for enlightening me about how War works. I completely did not know in order to get a point, you would have to be on the point. No wonder he wanted to be on the points, tell everyone to spam abilities, and to “lag em out” with all three points. Lag them out and they can’t attack us off the point. WOW. I hope it stays forever in the game.


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You’re welcome. Obvious response to the sarcasm

I already mentioned it earlier. It falls on the developers to optimize the game/servers to be able to handle that much information happening at once without lag.

If they can’t find a way then they would either have to reduce the amount of players in wars or not create objectives that force all the players to stack in one spot.

It doesn’t make sense for 100 people being stacked on each other and there not be spam of aoe heals/damage going out. Whichever side isn’t doing that will die and lose.

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Nah keep it. It sounds fun to lag everyone out and wars are just people rotating control in favor of people spamming AOE ice and heals.

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If they do it on purpose.
New World should ban them without any mercy.
Imagine doing PVP missions for 15-20 hours, doing a lot of work, getting a territory and loose it in such a way


So to win wars, we should do the following for capture points to avoid game lag.

-Only 3 aoe’s allowed at a time by either side. Calling all aoe’s on a point is cheating.
-Gentleman’s agreement. We all stand on opposing sides of the point and each team send’s in their champions to battle. The winners take the point.

No lag, no cheating. Win/Win

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