Game Changes - Less grind

I believe the strength of this game is the weapon gameplay and fighting. Its simple yet requires a good amount of skill and strategy.

I believe the weakness is the forced grind you feel when you travel, level trade skills and farm materials. Also, the lack of diversity if mobs also just increases the feel of grinding.


Travel - *Add mounts, reduce inn instant cooldown to 30m, reduce house level cooldown to 1-2 hours. *

I get that you want people to explore the map but when you go back and forth to the same place 8-10 times it just becomes a grind and you are not exploring after the 3-4th time going to the same area.

Trade skills - - *Offer trade skill quests to level your skills. For example, send someone on a mission to mine “blood iron ore” to make a “blood iron weapon” to defeat “boss x”. Upon completion of the quest reward them with a crafting recipe and weaponsmithing experience. *

Make trade skills more interactive rather than a boring grind. What fun it is to farm 1000 motes to make 1000 grinding stones that i just toss on the ground because its the most efficient way to level tradeskills? Make the player feel involved with the trade skills.

Monter diversity - Simply put, stop recycling monsters!!! All 4 starting areas feel exactly the same. Why even make different cities areas if they all look more of less the same with the same creatures. From level 1-30 you pretty much fighting zombies, skeletons or wolves of varying levels. Whats worst is a level 5 wolf looks no different from a level 25 wolf. The the very least, put in more effort to make them look stronger or fierce as they are higher level.

It’s lazy recycling monsters like this. It takes away from the experience when you’re level 25 and you’re already working on killing your 1000th zombie, skeleton and wolf. We want to see something unique and different in each area that lets us know we are in different areas. Think of game like wow and how each zone felt very different with unique sets of monster that define it.

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