Game crash = new Q

yesterday my game crashed without error etc, just straight to the desktop and i had to Q ab again at the back of the Q - this is super annoying esp if you are playing with friends - can people get some kind of Q priority for like 5 mins or so after they leave?

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I had a similar event. I was doing some quest thingys and suddenly I got kicked out of the game. I couldn’t go in again, had to restart the game. I had to wait like 10 Minutes before the game was putting me into a new Q at position 7xx. Nasty bug and now I can’t play >.< I hope they fix it soon. I like the game so far ^^

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Astronomical plus 1 for this, it is in place in other MMOs and the crashing I’m having isn’t frequent but the fact it’s putting me into queues of several hours after already queueing for several hours is infuriating. More so because there’s a very easy solution to this, which as mentioned by OP is simply reserving that users position for several minutes to allow them to get back in and avoid the queue a second time.

Once again this wouldn’t be a feature exclusive to New World, and while crashes happen the pain of them definitely doesn’t need to be this severe.

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