Game crash relog timme

I mean, this game is amazing and there is nothing worse than frustration in waiting everyday forever in order to being able to log in…lets get over that…we wait…5 hours we wait…game crashes for no reason…back in the queue for 4hours again 2k people in the queue…but we wait because we love the game…4 hours later, literally the time to finish 3 faction quests and I discover i can target people before casting a healing spell for a quicker and more accurate heal…fantastic lets try it out…3 spells later the game crashes for a key imput error…wonderful…back in another 2.8k queue again…for the love of god allow people to being able to reconnet…give it 5-10 minutes then you can put them back in the queue…this is so frustrating trying to play this game…I already had to leave my friends behind coz they could not afford to wait these queues…now I gotta spend my whole day hoping that the queue doesnt crash while I am not at my pc to lose my entry token…you cant expect people to be waiting this long to being put back in a never ending queue if the game crashes for no reason…with that being said I love this game like I havent in ages but still it is the most frustrating thing not being able to play…thanks for your time

Hello @dennis_viteritti
First than anything welcome to the forums! I am super glad to see you are also joining us here on the forums.
I am honored by how much you have liked the game so far and trust me we take the feedback seriously but please keep in mind the team is already aware of these issues and working towards fixing this.
A few days ago this was posted on the official Twitter:

So you can rest assured this is one of our top priorities at the moment but while we work on this please be patient :smiley:

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