Game crashed after exiting a dungeon and now it crashes on every login

I completed the Amrine dungeon (not my first time, i’ve done the dungeon like 12 times with 0 issues). Upon exiting the dungeon, my games crashed on the loading screen and closed. I got a que of 1600 to log back in, 5 hours later i finally got through the que, and i had the same loading and my crashed and closed. I’ve now got another que of 1400, and feel like the game will crash again.

My PC has been fine running the game, and i’ve had 0 issues untill now.

How can this be fixed, can you move my char to another location or something?

Char name: Yukehunt
Char level: 37
Server name: Hades EU

I’m having the exact same problem. I also logged out right next to Amrine dungeon entrance (coincidence?) and am now unable to log in without it crashing. I’ve not had any problems at all in 36 hours of gameplay up to now. I’ve tried updating my graphics card and windows, restarting, lowering graphics settings… Nothing will allow me to log in right now.

Edit: eventually logged in after many tries. Nothing in particular seemed to fix the issue, it just worked one day.

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