Game Crashes: Suspected Turkey Bug

Hello, I’ve rarely crashed on new world and new world was playing fine up until one moment.

I did a couple of chest runs, couple of turkeys everything was fine. On the third turkey, once the healthbar had maybe 10% health left? (I believe it was at the top of first light) I could not see the turkey and the healthbar was under the map. A few seconds later, I would get the drop but I suspect the turkey died in a close, but different location.

After a few minutes later, I’ve crashed three times now (in a few minutes of playtime), which is pretty irregular for me. I’m fairly confident it’s related to the turkey being invisible for me.

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going to keep playing and see if the issue persists

Just did another turkey and everything was fine

still have visual bug with turkey disappearing and reappearing but healthbar was not under the map.

Also, no crashes

Wait a sec is turkzilla back in the game?
Please say yes.

We’re looking into this, thank you!

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