Game Crashing Since recent Patch

I’ve played 150 hours of New World and i’ve never crashed until today, not once but twice with an hour or two. This update that patched some crash issues seems to have caused more.

  • crashing now frequently

Did you update your GPU drivers? Assuming you have nvidia.

I updated to the latest GPU driver and I was crashing like crazy until I did a ddu and rolled back my drivers to the 9/20/21 version of game ready drivers

having the same problems, didn’t have any crash issue before the patch, hope it gets fixed soon

same here

I was crashing before the driver update. Decided to update the driver and im stil lcrashing so its not a rollback driver fix for all.

I rolled back my Nvidia drivers and the windows update, still crashing every 20-45 minutes. Nothing seems to fix it.

Chat on my server is constantly talking about it so it’s a widespread issue, we need AGS to take action ASAP.

Well, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

My problem was that my game would freeze but I would still hear sound and I would just have to close it via Task Manager.

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